06 February, 2015

Scrapbook Layouts: The Last Goodbye

I have a new layout for you today, chronicling our marathon of the Hobbit movies leading up to the finale, The Battle of the Five Armies. We had an *awesome* time, truly awesome, but it was very sad too. Tolkien's world, and Peter Jackson's movies based on it, really bonded Mike and I. They're the first movies that neither one of us had to be drug to by the other. Not a kid's movie, not a "boy" action movie, but something we both really enjoyed and could watch over and over. Mike never had to be talked into seeing it once, or twice, or 10 times like with LotR: The Two Towers. And now it's over. Billy Boyd singing goodbye to us at the end of the movie, knowing this was truly the end, it was heartbreaking. Anyway, as for the layout, the journalling says basically that, and I kept the paper to three natural colours to reflect the abundance of nature in the movies. I then used my favourite line from Billy's song as the sub title, included one of our tickets, and called it done.

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