26 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #9: Scrap Table Gambit Process and Layout

This was a fun layout to make. Using the viewmaster paper the way it was oriented was a bit challenging, but I like the three pink pieces in this. The mist on this went well too. It's always scary using mist on a layout cos it could go horribly wrong! At least when I do it. I hope you like the layout and enjoy the video. Thanks for visiting!

25 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #8: Santa Cruz Process and Layout

For today's video and layout I have another using my Use it Up stash kit #6. I had these photos from a nice overcast day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and thought I'd get them scrapped. I think they have already been scrapped, but I'm wanting to go through and GET RID OF some of my older, clunkier, more useless layouts so if they have been, this layout will replace that layout. Also, since it fit the theme, I stamped out some little tickets from Lawn Fawn to embellish with. Thanks for visiting and watching, I hope you like this page!

24 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #7: Gambit's String Process and Layout

Today I have another Gambit layout to share with you using my Use it Up scrapbook stash kit #6. These papers work great for her so I figured I would just keep going. I'm scrapping some older photos with these kits just because I don't have something more modern in mind and since they're older papers they kind of go along with the idea. I made sure to add sequins to this layout too, so I could use up some of my fun sequin stash. :) Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the video!

22 March, 2015

Art Bag #2: 2015 Anaheim Scrapbook Expo

March 21st was when the Scrapbook Expo came to Anaheim and I met a bunch of my friends from the message board there and we hung out, shopped, had lunch and later dinner, and basically chilled. It was great to get out and it was nice to shop knowing that I had holes in my stash I needed to fill, but didn't just buy to buy things. All in all I calculated I spent $175 this time around which is pretty good record for me actually, especially considering how much bling and washi I ended up getting from Queen & Co. I didn't end up taking pictures this time, just the video, so please enjoy!

17 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #6: Kitty Company Process and Layout

Things that go well with pink? Gambit photos! She's a girl, she doesn't care, and brown goes with everything just like black does. Earth tone animals for the win! I used a whole sheet of pink for the background and then added the tone on tone pink to get even more in there. SO much hot pink in this stash kit though, what was I thinking?! And here's a photo of the layout as a whole for you, as well as the video, so you can enjoy the whole thing. Thanks for visiting!

15 March, 2015

Art Bag #1: March 2015 Stamp Expo Haul

I went to my very first Stamp Expo in Carson, CA and aside from getting to take a picture with Tim Holtz and watch him do live demos, I got new toys! I was super excited because this broke my freeze from December 2nd, 2014 to March 15, 2015. I love all the new things that I got and I decided to make my very first haul video for my channel (the first of many, many this year!) and I hope that you enjoy it. Each time I make one I learn a bit more, so please forgive how rough this is.

14 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #5: Adventure Pup Process and Layout

For my second layout using my sixth Use it Up kit I dug into photos of the dogs the most because the colours were so not *me* personally and, well, the animals couldn't care less what colour their layouts are. This series of photos I love because I never expected to see little Sirius up on the railing of our deck, but sure enough, I look out the window and there he was!

12 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #4: My Boys Process and Layout

Here I have my fourth process video and I have to admit this one was a bit nerve wracking since using mists never really goes as planned for me and doing it live on camera for such a huge design element was a bit scary. And, yeah, my circle isn't quite a proper circle. But this layout was fun to make, as the first time using a kit always is with all the choices, and I really love this photo of the boys and myself.

11 March, 2015

Use it Up Scrapbook Kit #6

Since I finished the fifth challenge, thus begins the sixth challenge in my Use it Up Scrapbook Stash kit. For this one, I'm taking a cue from Use Your Stash and making my own "Bunny Hop" kit. I have to admit, though, that there's WAY too much pink in this kit and it does hold me up as far as creativity goes on this one. But here's the kit, you can see all the pieces I included, and maybe make your own as well. :)

10 March, 2015

Use it Up Scrapbook Kit #5 Results!

Hi there! I've made it to the end of this, the 5th kit, in my Use it Up challenge for myself. I've also completed the challenge I made myself to make scrapbooking process videos so each of these projects has a process video of its very own which will be on my channel. And here are all the projects so you can see still photos.

And the two cards which have speed colouring videos for them.
Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed my projects for this kit! Please remember to "like" and subscribe to my channel over on YouTube and to follow this blog if you want email updates. :)

09 March, 2015

Colour Explosion #4: Wee Bunny Speed Colouring

Hiya! I have another speed colouring video for a card that I made using my Use it Up stash kit #5. I recently purchased a bunch of Wee Stamps digital images as they said they're going out of business (!!!) and I had to buy up as many as I could. I had a great time colouring this little guy and made a simple, sweet little card for him without too many embellishments, just one of those that I made out of scraps from my stash kit.

08 March, 2015

Colour Explosion #3: Punk Kaylee Speed Colouring

This time for my Colour Explosion series I decided just to do a speed colouring video where you can watch me colour *super fast*! Yeah! When I colour I'm super laid back, so this was a new challenge for me to just keep colouring and to try and make sure I was on camera. It's not perfect, but with every video I learn a bit more, so I hope it's okay.

Here's the card, complete with papers and embellishments from my Use it Up kit #5. I hope you like it and enjoyed the video. Thanks for visiting!

07 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #3: Gambit Home Process and Layout

I continued on my exploration with mist as I played with this fifth Use it Up kit challenge and these photos of Gambit. Loved making this layout and including the house elements with the cat stuff. This layout was super fun to make, as you can probably see in the video. I hope you like it!

06 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #2: Muzzel Grab Process and Layout

My second scrapbooking process video is live! This is one of my favourite layouts, using two photos from two different times, about Viggo and Mike and how silly Mike used to pretend to bite Viggo's muzzle. I looked it up, and dog mom's actually do this to comfort their puppy, as a way to show their pup that they're taken care of, and are safe. I dunno if the message transfers over when a human does it, but Mike is Viggo's daddy, so I guess that works. I used papers from my fifth Use it Up kit for this entire layout. I love the mix of papers with these photos. I hope you like it! Thanks for visiting and watching. :)

05 March, 2015

Layout Explosion #1: Dream of Mom Process and Layout

My very first scrapbooking process video!! Omg, I'm so excited! Mike got me a video camera (a real one, Canon Vixia HF R500) and set it up on his tripod so I can scrapbook between the tripod legs and make videos especially for you lovely people! I hope you enjoy it. I did the voice over because, frankly, I can't breathe without coughing terribly long enough to do a "live" video. The voice over is just cleaner, easier, and safer on your ears. And since you might not have time to watch the video (yet), here's the layout. This is little Viggo on his very first day home. I used my Use it Up kit #5 to make this layout, so all the papers are from there and you can see them in the previous posts' video.

Thank you for visiting, and for watching, and if you like my videos please don't forget to "like" the video and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much!

04 March, 2015

Use it Up Scrapbook Kit #5

Moving right along, I have picked another kit from my stash to use up. Let's see the papers and I'll try to make as many projects as I possibly can from this one kit of paper and any coordinating supplies.

03 March, 2015

Use it Up Challenge #4 Videos

This is the fourth in my Use it Up kit challenge, which I'm really enjoying doing. I made a video of all the papers in the kit which you can see here.

And then when I was finished I made another video of my layouts. You can watch the video with me explaining what the layouts are about and I also have some pictures of the layouts for you. :)

Sorry for being so lax in posting things! I've been making sure to get projects up on my YouTube, but it takes a bit longer on the website, lol! Thanks for visiting!