27 September, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 30

Phew! Slowly, but surely, making our way towards the end of the year. 30 weeks done, 22 to go, I'm feeling rather accomplished, but kind of burnt out. It's usually at this point I start thinking about what I want to do the next year and how far I want to take the project. I think, considering our lives, that perhaps a monthly format might be better for 2016, unless there's some drastic changes or something, we're rather routine and VERY gaming oriented! Anyway, here's this week's video, I hope you enjoy it!

24 September, 2015

Layout Explosion #43: Bethesda 2 Process and Layout

This is the companion layout to the other Bethesda layout. We made it inside, found our seats, and were so excited to hear about the new games that Zenimax Media and its studios have coming. Sadly, no new Elder Scrolls game was announced, nor are we getting much exciting for Elder Scrolls Online, but the star of the show was Fallout 4 and it was totally amazing to be in the audience and really *feeling* the hype of that many people, both there and watching online. Definitely an experience to remember! I hope you like this video and layout. Thanks for visiting!

22 September, 2015

Layout Explosion #42: Bethesda Showcase 1 Process and Layout

Today I have a layout based on the Bethesda Softworks 2015 showcase for E3. Thanks to Mike's job in the industry we were able to get tickets to the showcase and see all the new footage of the games they have coming out in the next few months. Fallout 4 was, by far, the biggest news but from watching the show I'm also excited about Dishonoured 2. This is the first of two layouts about this event. The first being just our getting to the location and waiting to get inside. We took some selfies and I shared our experience in the journalling. Thank you for watching! The companion layout will be shared on Thursday.

20 September, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 29

This week, as with last week, I used pre-made cards from Simple Stories for my layout. I've been having such difficulties using my paper for these pages. Either because I'm using older papers, or using newer papers and then not having those papers later for layouts. I thought that using these cards would be a nice compromise. I hope you like this video!

08 September, 2015

Colour Explosion #11: Hello Dino-Globe Speed Colouring Card

Hello everyone! Today I have a new video for you, woot! I decided to colour while Mike and our friend Ash were playing Elder Scrolls Online and I would listen to them via TeamSpeak. So I got out these cute stamps by Clearly Besotted (LOVE dinosaurs!), the new globe by Lawn Fawn, and thought I'd make a non-winter holiday globe. I was surprised at how big the dinosaurs were compared to the stamps, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other stamps I can fit in this globe!

And if you don't have time to watch the video (WHY don't you have time to watch it?!) here's a photo for you. If you'd like this card and live in the US, please leave me a comment here and I'll get in contact with you. :)