31 October, 2015

Day 31 of 31: Halloween is HERE!

Today's the day! This is it! Halloween is here!!! I hope you're as excited as I am, and as the witch in the card is. She's creating something awesome to bewitch everyone tonight. I really hope that you've enjoyed this frightful journey with me. I love Halloween and I had a great time colouring all these images I'd never used, making the cards, and sharing them with you all. I have my last Haunted Speed Colouring here for you so you can watch me colour this image too. I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (All My Friends Are Witches)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Graphic 45
Embellishments: Queen and Co. pearls, WRMK sticker

30 October, 2015

Day 30 of 31: Candy Vampire

For the second-to-last image I actually switched out the previously planned one because I couldn't wait to colour this little guy. I mean, I have a tiny fur companion too, so I really relate to this guy. I wanted to colour his outfit bright to match my very favourite Halloween paper. I'm now running low on it too, which is just devastating! But I think it made a great card. I hope you like it! There's just one more card to go to make your Halloween complete!

Rubber Stamp: C.C. Designs (Roberto's Rascals)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Queen & Co. washi, Jolee's stickers

29 October, 2015

Day 29 of 31: Wrapped and Ready

Hello! This little mummy man is so pumped for Halloween. He's got his bucket, his flashlight, and he's ready to go. I'm excited too, though I won't be going out at all since I've already done my trick-or-treating. I'm still destined to spend 90% of my time on the couch. But I thought this guy would be right at home on this paper with all the other little monsters in this collection looking for their candy. I used two of my new washi tapes on this card, and used up this little bit of ribbon too, which was fun. I hope you like this one! Super simple, but sometimes that's the best. :) Oh, and hop on over to my YouTube channel, there's the very last Haunted Speed Colouring video up there!

Clear Stamp: Penny Black
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Imaginisce
Embellishments: Pebbles puffy sticker, Queen & Co washi and ribbon
Copics Used
Outfit: W3/1/00, YR09/68/15

28 October, 2015

Day 28 of 31: Boo Boo Zombies

You know the sad truth that I've come to realise? I don't like zombies. At least not to colour. I was so stuck with this image for way, way too long. Same with the other two zombies that I did. I'm just... I would rather watch them on The Walking Dead, am I right? But yeah, I did eventually get them coloured, looking rough and dead and nasty. Since I'd coloured their clothes all bright I went with some of the brighter papers in this MME collection. Thankfully I've almost run out of orange and black cardstock so this project *is* helping me use my stash, lol! I hope you like this card, and stay tuned cos there's only three more days until Halloween!!

Digital Stamp: Some Odd Girl
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper: My Mind's Eye
Embellishments: WRMK stickers, Pebbles enamel dots
Copics Used
Skin: V91/93, C3/1
Eyes: Y18/02
Hair: YG99. G20, E35

26 October, 2015

Day 26 of 31: Jeepers Creepers, Lil' Monster!

Obviously this little guy was super simple to colour, and quite fun, but then I had to make the card. He's SO cute I wanted to make sure that the card was cute. Then suddenly I was taking out the Basic Grey scraps. Really? But after random weirdness I managed to pull together cuteness good enough for the image. Do you like? I hope you like because I've now coloured every image in the Spooky Kit and that just makes me happy. Woot!

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Spooky Kit)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Basic Grey, Imaginisce
Embellishments: Pebbles, Bo Bunny, Basic Grey
Copics Used
Skin: E93/11/21/51/50
Outfit: G19/14, YG01

25 October, 2015

Day 25 of 31: Witchypoo Through the Graveyard

You know the crazy thing about having a HUGE Halloween collection? Every time this stamp was shared on someone else's card I was like "aww, I want that" and wonder if I could still buy it. THANKFULLY I didn't go buy it because, um, look. I have her. She's right here! I have no idea when I bought her, but I stamped her out for my 31 Days and used her so... yeah. Go me! After the fun of colouring her I decided to keep her card simple and try to make it like she's flying. I hope you like it! The Spellbinders die seemed to fit nicely and the little word stickers were sent from a friend. She knows all too well how much I love Halloween. :)

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Witchypoo)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Theresa Collins, Bo Bunny
Embellishments: AC washi tape, Martha Stewart stickers
Spellbinders die
Copics Used
Skin: E93/11/21/51/50
Eyes: V17
Hair: E37/19/31
Outfit: V17/15/12, T10/7/3

24 October, 2015

Day 24 of 31: Spooky Witch Hazel

This card was much more successful than yesterday's, and much more fun to do. I coloured Hazel with the idea that I was going to use the Phantom paper. Her dress ended up a bit bright, considering that I didn't use any of the paper that had green in it like I intended, but it caught the fun patterns of the orange pretty well. I don't know where the inspiration for the spiderweb came from, but it probably came from the fancy "spooky" sticker. I hope you like it. I really like using these Wee stamps!

Digital Stamp: Wee Stamps (Hazel)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Pink Paislee (Phantom)
Embellishments: Jolee's and Pink Paislee stickers
Copics Used
Skin: E4/11/21/51
Hair: E89/37/13
Outfit: G18/14, YG01, YR09/68/15

23 October, 2015

Day 23 of 31: Ghostly Visit

I've been wanting to colour Miss Hattie for a while, but I have to say I think I need to colour her again. You know how you have an idea, you start doing it, and it's not quite right but you're so far in you can't turn back? That's what happened with her. From her face to her dress, to the green on her outfit... I just don't know. I tried. And then wen I made the card I tried not to ruin it. Blame it on the cold that I got on the 10th that is STILL affecting me quite badly (2-3 hours of sleep a night, constant coughing that caused pulled/torn muscles, unable to eat, etc.), at least it has to be good for something. If only a good excuse! I hope you do find something to like in this card, and stop by tomorrow for yet another creation!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Miss Hattie)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: My Mind's Eye
Embellishments: Martha Stewart stickers, Queen & Co. gems
Copics Used
Skin: C3/1
Hair: T10/5/2
Outfit: E37/34/31, G24/21

22 October, 2015

Day 22 of 31: Nowhere to Run, Kitty!

This is just one of those images I love right when I see it. This cat is super fun with all his antics, and is almost always grumpy, which just makes me love him more. I really liked colouring this, but I don't know what happened with the card. You know how those kind of things just get away from you? Yeah, that's what happened. Well, stay tuned for tomorrow's card. I hope you like it!

Rubber Stamp: C.C. Designs (Roberto's Rascals Scaredy Cat)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: My Mind's Eye
Embellishments: Martha's Stewart stickers, gems, Queen & Co fabric border
Copics Used: T9/6/3, YR09/07/68/15

21 October, 2015

Day 21 of 31: Pumpkin Belly Boy

Do you love it? I hope you love it. I have to say that when I put up all 31 images for you guys to vote on which image to do a colouring video on and nearly *everyone* voted for this little guy I was totally intimidated. I mean, if everyone wants to see something it kinda matters when you screw it up, right? So, I tried to do something different. A different skin tone for me, a different way of colouring Greeting Farm stamps (more detail vs soft blending), and so I just let go, went for it, and had a ton of fun. You'll see the video tomorrow, but her's the completed card using some of my cuter papers and supplies in my stash. I didn't want to completely overwhelm him, especially since everyone was so excited to see this stamp, but I wanted to make sure the card was whimsical and fun since I don't have enough images I can do that with, lol! Anyway, I hope you do love it. I had a great time making this and I think it's the best of them all so far and possibly of all the cards I make this season.

(video will be embedded on the 22nd)

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Spooky Kit)
Cardstock: XPress-It,
Copics Used

20 October, 2015

Day 20 of 31: The Battiest of Them All

So cute, so delicate, so... deceptively deadly. Hehehe. Ignore me, I'm fine. Doesn't she look pretty? I had a lot of fun doing this dress, and this card all together actually. This was one of those projects that just comes together without any effort. I hope you like this card and make sure to stop by tomorrow for another!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Batty Princess)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: WRMK
Embellishments: Recollections, Martha Stewart stickers, Queen & Co border fabric sticker
Faber-Castell Polyshromos 120 set
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Outfit: YR09/07/68/15, T9/7/3

19 October, 2015

Day 19 of 31: Happy Haunting

This is the third image in this stamp set and I'm happy to say I'm making my way through them nicely. They'll all be used by the time my 31 Days is done this year. Woot! Such a good feeling to buy something and use it properly. Sadly, this image is quite small, so I'm going to have to see if I can make it bigger at some later date. I do love her though, with her little stuffed kitty and bare feet. such a tiny little witch. I think having such fancy papers and embellishments might have been a bit much, but I like this card so I'm calling it good. I hope you like it too, and that I'll see you tomorrow for another card!

Clear Stamp: Penny Black (Glenda and Frankie)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Pink Paislee
Embellishments: Pink Paislee, Martha Stewart, and Jolee's stickers
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: E77/19/13
Outfit: C9/6/4/2, G19/14, YG01, Y26

18 October, 2015

Day 18 of 31: I'm Not Scared of Dem Bones!

I think my favourite part about this card was doing the little orange glow around her, lol! I was kinda freaked cos one wrong marker and I ruined it, you know? But it was fun. And then I added the Distress Ink to help it match the distressing on the paper. I know there's nothing purple in the paper or the embellishments, but I figured it'd help Amelia stand out more, hehe. I hope you like her. I probably should have embellished a bit more, considering how many embellishments I still have left (!!!), but I still think it's good.

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Amelia Bones)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: WRMK
Embellishments: WRMK stickers
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: E55, Y26/21
Outfit: V17/15, C9/5/2

17 October, 2015

Day 17 of 31: Flight by Night

Now *this* is an interesting one! It's not something I shout or anything, but I have an extensive collection of physical stamps, right? Well, I also take those stamps and make them digital, so I can do scenes with them, print them larger, and to back them up. That kind of thing. You just stamp the image, take a high-res photo, and Photoshop the little bugger a bit until it's a nice high-res digital stamp with just lines and no background for layering. It's the same process I used when drawing my own images before I got my Cintiq (now I just draw on that, already digital). Point is, this little scene was made with several Lawn Fawn sets, but digitally. No masking, no making paper, no nothing. So much easier! I did the background and moon in Distress Ink and then coloured everything else with Copic and a bit of pencil. Then... then I went embellishment crazy! Phew! I hope you like it though, this was way fun to do. Stay tuned for another card tomorrow!

Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Imaginisce
Embellishments: Jolee's and Bo Bunny stickers, Queen & Co. washi and gems
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Copic: E39/35/34

16 October, 2015

Day 16 of 31: All Wrapped Up With You

 I just love colouring these images. Especially when the dog is involved because I get to colour him like Sirius. I mean, there's something I really identify with, the boy and his dog. Originally I was going to try and draw real bandages, shade them and make them all fancy, but the toilet paper really just needed to be paper. Which, let's be honest, is super cute. Of course a mummy would be wrapped in toilet paper! I hope you like this card. Another awesome one coming up tomorrow! And please enjoy the video!

Rubber Stamp: C.C. Designs (Roberto's Rascal's All Wrapped Up)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Imaginisce
Embellishments: AC washi, Bo Bunny and Jolee's stickers, enamel dots
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: E19/15/13
Outfit: C3/1, B99/95, YR09/68, T9/6
Dog: W9/6/4/2

15 October, 2015

Day 15 of 31: Made to Trick or Treat

Is the pose on his little guy totally funny or what?! I can't figure out if he's an actual Frankenstien's monster, or a little kid doing a really great impression, lol. Either way, he was fun to colour, and I went with a brighter, more kid-friendly look for the card. It was nice to have this amount of white to work with, since I haven't been able to use this paper quite yet from this Bo Bunny collection. White and blue aren't colours I usually use for Halloween, so colouring the images ahead of time I usually rule those colours out, oops! Stay tuned for another card coming tomorrow. :) And don't forget to head over to YouTube for today's new colouring video!

Clear Stamp: Penny Black (Frankie and Glenda)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Bo Bunny and Jolee's stickers
Copics Used
Skin: G21/20
Hair: W9/5/2
Outfit: B93/91, C4/2/1, YR09/68/15

14 October, 2015

Day 14 of 31: Pumpkin Carving!

I thought it'd be nice to place this little witch carving a jack-o-lantern in a pumpkin patch. I have to admit that I did her purple colouring before I thought this, and her frame too, so I had to somehow incorporate purple into the card. That's where the gems came from. It seemed a little weird to me, maybe it still does, but it helped! Orange and green would have been better for her outfit, lol! Ah well, I had a great time doing this card and using the ribbon on it, and I'm finally dipping into that Graphic 45 stash that is kind of insane... I hope you like this one, and a new card coming up tomorrow!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (All My Friends are Witches)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Graphic 45
Embellishments: Recollections gems and ribbon
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: E35, Y26/23
Outfit: T9/7/5/3, V17/15/12

13 October, 2015

Day 13 of 31: Spider Queen

Dude, I totally jacked up her forehead. It's okay, I know it. Coughing fit led to stray marker mark, led to trying to fix it... yeah. Not great. But I wasn't about to chuck this because I'm lazy and I didn't want to redo it all. So, here you go. Take it or leave it. I coloured most of the Spooky Kit last year when I got it, but I'm working on getting those last few coloured for this year's 31 days. I kind of envisioned her as some sort of spider queen, maybe Arachnia from Tom Paris' Captain Proton story on Star Trek: Voyager or something, and I just went with it. Big spiderweb background, little spiders everywhere, web washi, so fun, right? I hope you like it!

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Spooky Kit)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Recollections, Bo Bunny
Embellishments:  Recollections stickers, Queen&Co pearls and washi, Doodlebug enamel dots
Spellbinders die
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Wink of Luna brush pen
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: T9/7/5/3
Outfit: V17/15/12, T9/7/5/3

11 October, 2015

Day 11 of 31: Voodoo and Hoodoo and Things I Ain't Even Tried Yet!

I have to admit, this card was a bit of a copout, but I had a great time doing it. There's so much going on in this image, and so much I could do with it, and my brain just said "pphhlllbbbb!!!" when I went to colour it! In an effort to save my sanity I went with monochromatic. Now, monochromatic isn't like "easy", but it's easier than choosing a bunch of colours and details and whatnot. And I found that I had a lot of fun with this image once I decided to just work in shades of grey. Continuing on with that I used white and black and silver paper and stickers and then just a "pop" of purple with the gems. I hope this monochromatic style worked for you like it worked for me, and I'll see you tomorrow for my next card. :)

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Recollections
Tim Holtz Distress inks
Embellishments: WRMK, Martha Stewart, and Recollections stickers
Copics Used: C3/1, T9/7

09 October, 2015

Day 9 of 31:Trick or Treat Batty

I totally love this girl's outfit and hair, don't you? I have no idea how she got her hair all pointy like that, but it's super cool, and I thought it would look great in green. She had a little cat stamp with her too, but I decided to use a sticker instead since I liked him better. I decided to use a bunch of layers for this one, and made little embellishment clusters just like I would with a scrapbook layout, which made it really fun to make. I hope you like this card, and come back for tomorrow's too!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Batty and Catty)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Jolee's and Recollections stickers, Doodlebug enamel dots, Twinery Twine
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Hair: G09/14, YG01
Outfit: B06/16/02

08 October, 2015

Day 8 of 31: Treats This Way, Glenda

The second video of my Haunted Speed Colouring series is here! I had a great time with this one, and this entire set actually. I was so happy that I could buy a set just a few months ago and then get to use it right away. I absolutely love this paper from Pink Paislee, a mix of whimsy and upscale, so I knew I wanted to use it for this image and pick up on all the colours I used in the image. And, for the first time, I used these dies too. I figured it'd make a nice little scene for the card as little Glenda goes trick or treating in her neighbourhood. I hope you like this card, and enjoy the video! Stay tuned for a new card tomorrow. :)

Clear Stamp: Penny Black (Glenda and Frankie)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Pink Paislee
Embellishments: Martha Stewart, Pink Paislee
Other: Spellbinders Dies

07 October, 2015

Day 7 of 31: Boo 2 You Shaker Card

When this Lawn Fawn set came out I knew I had to have it! I love all the combinations of the "dress up" ghosts. And all the little faces that Lawn Fawn has given us before can go on them too. How crazy is that!? I had such fun with these guys. I'm afraid my card game with this one wasn't so strong though. I tried, I really did. I made this shaker pocket with my Fuse tool, which was super simple, but I think I overstuffed it. I got jumbo glitter in a huge bottle from Michael's, and I got shaped sequins that say "boo" so I had to use them for this. The only issue is I think I went *way* overboard with the glitter cos the pocket is STUFFED. That, and my dumb butt used glue on the back of the window. Ah well, they can't all be winners, right? A new card coming up tomorrow!

Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn (Booyah)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Imaginisce, Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Doodlebug enamel dots, Recollections jumbo glitter and sequin shapes
Copics Used: W3/1, V17/15/12, G20/21

06 October, 2015

Day 6 of 31: Ride Like the Wind!

I was so happy to colour this one! I am really loving CC Designs and especially Roberto's Rascals images this year and while I got her during winter holiday last year *finally* got to colour her now. I mixed in candy corn colours with my favourite purple and green and used a few cute stickers too. I dunno why I have so many cutesy things, especially since I don't have a ton of cutesy stamps, but.. there they are. I hope you like her! There'll be a new card tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see it!

Rubber Stamp: CC Designs/Roberto's Rascals (Broom Ride)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Jolee's stickers, Recollections stickers
Copics Used
Skin: E4/11/21/00/93
Hair: E55, Y26/21
Outfit: G9/19/14, V9/17/15/12, Y38/17/13/03, YR09/07/12/12

05 October, 2015

Day 5 of 31: Spooky Potion

You may notice, as the days go on, that I have a LOT of Krafin' Kimmie stamps in my 31 Days of Halloween. Why? Cos they all go on sale during the year and gosh, I just haven't had a chance to colour them yet! I wanted to play with the traditional orange/black for this girl. I mean, I'm sticking pretty good to the same colours (orange/black/purple/lime green, and a bit of blue) for Halloween, but one must mix and match them, yes? So I mixed a bit of purple into her hair, a bti of green glow around her, and called it good. I also had fun making the crazy eye makeup. It started out as a mistake, but then I figured "hey, why not?" and just went with it. Took my pencils to her eyes and boom!

I hope you like her! Another new card coming up tomorrow. Woo!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: We R Memory Keepers
Embellishments: Queen & Co ribbon and sparklers, Doodlebug enamel dots
Other: Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Spellbinders Die
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50
Eyes: Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set
Hair: V17/15, T9/7/5/3
Outfit: T9/7/5/3, YR18/04

04 October, 2015

Day 4 of 31: Eek! A Little Monster!

For this card, I have to admit I cheated a bit! I coloured this image last year and just never manged to get it on a card! Ooops! So, of course, i had to get this little guy into the 31 Days of Halloween somehow this year. I decided to play off the little eyeballs on his costume and use some of the nifty stickers I have to create a scene around the stamp which I'd already silhouetted. I hope you like it! New card coming up tomorrow too. Yay!

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Spooky kit)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Embellishments: Doodlebug enamel dots, Martha Steward stickers, Recollections stickers, Queen & Co washi tape
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set

03 October, 2015

Day 3 of 31: Haunting Little Bats

Today I have the first of five images that my followers request I colour on camera. I love this little image by Wee Stamps and I couldn't wait to colour it, but I got it so long ago it would have been out of season. So I was super happy that it's now October and I can share it with the world! I went with a layered look for the card and used some of my more cute papers and embellishments to go with how cute these little guys are. I hope you like this card, and see below for the video where I colour the whole thing.

Digital Stamp: Wee Stamps (Batty Boo)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Queen & Co
Embellishments: Martha Stewart, Imaginisce

01 October, 2015

Day 1 of 31: THIS is Halloween!!!

It's time! It's really time! I'm so excited!!! I've decided to bring back 31 Days of Halloween to my blog and I've been working way hard on it. I hope you're going to love it as much as me! There's going to be a card every single day for October and five, count them: FIVE new colouring videos that you, my favourite people ever, my followers voted on. I'm going to cram October so full of Halloween fun that no one will have time to be anything other than spooky happy!

Of course, for the first day I had to use this stamp from Kraftin' Kimmie called Mr. Punkinhead because, well, because Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! This is the beginning of everything, the kick off of the ceremonies, and we can't do that without the Pumpkin King! I made sure to make him into a skeleton too, though the stamp wasn't quite like that, I figured it'd make more sense. I used, and am going to use, hopefully much of my considerable Halloween stash on all these projects. Some of my layered stickers, some embelishments, and some ribbon rounded it off.

I hope you like it, and that you like all the projects and stuff I have coming up. Make sure to check back every day, or subscribe in the way of your choosing (using the left sidebar links), to get notified when new posts are up. Don't forget, my YouTube channel counts too! Much Halloween fun to be had there as well. Have a great, spooky day 1!

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Mr. Punkinhead)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Colorbox, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Bo Bunny
Copics Used:
Head: E99, YR27/07/15
Outfit: T9/7/5/3