28 January, 2016

2016 is Here

2016 is here and I finally have access to my website again. Big snafu with my service provider. But yeah, I'm back and I've been keeping my YouTube going too, so there's things to look at for you over there if I'm ever not posting here.

As for this year, Mike has decided that our One Little Word shall be "happiness" and I'm pretty good with that. Trying to find the happiness in any situation we're in, in the small and the large, and to encourage it in each other. I know he gets frustrated with my depression (as do I) because sometimes it's literally impossible for me to be happy. So I think it's a good idea to have it in the back of my mind to try to find happiness even in the darkest times.

I will admit that One Little Word hasn't ever really worked for us. Last year... well, last year was about "Change", or it was supposed to be, and yet we just ended up in an extended holding period which ended up with nothing. It's disheartening, and frustrating, and I think after an entire year of that maybe we *do* need to focus on happiness. Obviously change isn't going to come. Maybe we're not meant for it, I don't know, but no matter what we do, we're stuck. So maybe happiness where we are, how we are, with what we are... that's all we can hope for?

It's not all doom and gloom, of course. In this year I'm hoping that my art will continue to improve. Nearly a month in and I'm very focused and immersed in creating original works of art. Although, that might be detracting from using my extremely large collection of stamps, lol! I hope to keep my YouTube channel going too. I made 150 videos last year, that's super amazing! I never planned on that many. I hope I can get near that many this year. And I hope that I can at least refine *one* of my art skills and maybe be a bit more predictable in what I create. Consistency isn't exactly *required* in an artist, but it'd be nice for not *everything* I make to be a complete fluke or guesswork.

Anyway, this was long. I want to thank everyone for following me, continuing to support me by watching my videos, visiting this site (as well as my other social media platforms), and just generally for being you. Here's to a great 2016 for all of us!