25 February, 2016

Art Journal: Leaf on the Wind

I am really trying to focus on doing art every day. On doing *something* even if I don't finish it.. though not finishing it in a day does kind of bug me. Some of the mediums do take a while to dry, so that's not my fault, lol! In painting and drawing and gelling and trying every day I am definitely seeing myself improve, and I'm also having a lot of fun. And, as Mike points out, spending a lot of money! I'm sorry, but Liquitex Black Lava is an awesome medium and I love it. HA!

I also find it interesting that I'm watching a bunch of the "big names" in mixed media on YouTube. Your Dina Wakelys, your Julie Fei-Fan Balzers, your Dyan Reavelys, and I find that even if I don't actually "like" their art, I like *them*. Now, me saying I don't like someone's art... that's kind of bullshit because that doesn't mean it's not good, that's not what I'm talking about. What I'm saying is it's not my style, not something I'd want to do or emulate, or maybe even own sometimes if their art were for sale. BUT what makes me bring this up is that while I don't want to replicate their work, and might not even enjoy it sometimes, I still find watching them and their process really valuable. I find that in watching Julie do all her layers upon layers upon layers I learn things that I can apply to my own art, even though it will look completely different from what she did. I find that in watching Dina draw and paint a face, I may not like the person she finds in that paint, but I'll be able to find my *own* people in paint. And I find that while I may not like the doodles, or the cut apart people that Dyan does so well, I learn how to just go for something, to make mistakes, and to transform those mistakes into something that I end up liking.

As a scrapbooker, and even a cardmaker, so much emphasis is put on emulation. "Watch me, so you can too," especially back in the old days of Becky's sketches and Lisa's album kits. It was all "let me measure this so I get it just how you got it" and maybe in this section of art it's just not like that. It's "try this" or "maybe if you do this here" and even if you do the same thing it'll come out different. Even when they try to tell you exactly what to do, it'll still be different. Because it'll be your journal, your paint, your colour choice, whatever. It won't be the album kit. It won't be the same stamp and same scrapbook paper and whatever. It'll be your droplets of water and ink spreading this way vs theirs spreading that way. And that's just cool.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's some art.

And here you can watch me finish off the journal page "live", lol! I hope you enjoy it, and it doesn't give you too many feels.

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