02 March, 2016

Art Journal: Boy and Girl

More art journal fun since I've been working a lot in it. I have a need to play, but not a lot to say, and that's why the journal works well for me since I only include quotes. No thinking, just colour. I've been needing colour a lot.

I have two main Dylusions journals that I work in. It's helpful because I do not use a heat gun and stuff needs to dry between coats. Gels, mediums, paint, etc. So two journals means you can work while one is drying, and then come back. Keep switching off.

For these pages I took journal pages that I had, at some point, sprayed with Dylusions sprays and used my home made stencils to outline both the women, and then the man on the other page. For the man's page I knew I wanted to restrict myself from using black. For the women, I didn't really know what I wanted.

By this time I was pretty frustrated, and just trying things randomly. "Done" is sometimes better than "good", but I do prefer if I can get both in there. The women were just being frustrating. Adding colours that should have created "pop" just seemed to complicate matters and it was bugging me. The man's page, however, was coming along swimmingly.

I always say that if you make something look sketchy it goes from "bad" to "artsy" so that is what I did here. I outlined everything in my black FudeBall pen and pretended everything was how I wanted it.

And the man got sketchy outlines in white, in keeping with his challenge. I felt I needed another colour though, so I added a silver Stella Luna pen to write the quote in and outline the circles.

I hope you like both these pages, though the man is clearly my favourite. I just love the colours too. He was much easier to work on at the very least! Thanks for visiting!

Stella Luna pen
FudeBall pen
Apple Barrel paint
Home made stencils
Molotow paint pen
Dylusions Ink Spray
Dylusions Paint
Dylusions Journal

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