07 March, 2016

Studio Monday: A Cave to Cliche

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You know, I don't have to say it, because you know. It's BEYOND cliche to store your art, Project Life, or general crafting supplies in the Raskog cart from Ikea. Any general google search, or *YouTube* search, will result in a plethora of links that show people giving peeks, looks, and even *tours* of their carts.

There's no denying that this cart is cute. None. It's freakin' cute. In teal, grey, flesh, or even custom painted, it's a cute little cart that has been often imitated by many manufacturers, but you can always tell when someone has a "real" one. Like one of those designer bags or something, it's almost a rite of passage when your craft space is finally blessed by this happy little cart filled with supplies just daring you NOT to make something today.

A photo posted by Aeryn Kelly (@_aerynkelly_) on

I didn't go to Ikea with the expressed purpose of getting THE cart. I went, actually, to perhaps get another Kallax. One of those 1x4 units I figured would fit, and I definitely wanted a new piece of desktop. We found it was only $9, you read that right, NINE dollars, so I got the desktop. But a 1x4 Kallax with a set of drawers and a little door would run us $95. Hmm, well, that's not good. I wanted a place for all the new art journal stuff, but also for my punches which are kind of frustrating at the moment. But not for that kind of money, and my space won't take another Alex unit. So... what about the cart?

This is what it looks like when I got it together (all by myself! lol) and crammed as much art supplies on it I could think of. Bit of a mess, but it's certainly cute and fun. Plus, all those mediums on the middle shelf are OFF my desk!

And here we are today. I'm not so sure about the layout, it's complicated, but so far it's holding things I was really tired of getting out, or shoving into places that didn't have any room left. I can get to my Dylusions paint, I can see my brushes, and my mediums, and my art journals aren't shoved into three different places cos they don't fit in one. That's nice.

Of course, me being me, I am very uncomfortable that I needed this cart in the first place. Why do I not have enough room? Why am I not using things fast enough to not need this kind of thing? And do I really need all this stuff? The desk expansion, yes I do. I need it. So I can set up my video camera's tripod without blocking a computer monitor. Since I have two monitors and this is also my gaming desk, it's nice to be able to game without an obstructed view. As it is set up right now I'm having the issue where the shot moves from  filming to filming which is frustrating when striving for consistency. But a whole cart that needs new supplies?! I'm going to have a hard time coming to terms with this. I might need to make like 100 canvases to use up Prima flowers so I have a drawer back, that kind of thing, but for now... I'm the cliche, and it's CUTE!

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