10 April, 2016

Art Bag #32: Anaheim, CA 2016 Scrapbook Expo

Scrapbook Expo season is upon us once again! I had a great time out with my friends on April 9th at the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo. This is one of the largest that CA does, and definitely the largest in So Cal. While I try to get to the others (San Diego and Ontario) I definitely like to hit up this one. It was really fun to do some shopping (though not as much as some other years as you'll see!) and have lunch with these great gals. Sadly, I didn't notice how much I was exerting myself until a few hours afterwards when it was difficult to breathe and I started to lose my voice. I figured I'd better film this quickly before I completely lost my voice, so I could get to playing with my new toys. And, sure enough, though Mike has taken excellent care of me, my voice is well and truly gone! Ah well, at least I got to enjoy a day out. I hope you like my things, and that if you want to, you'll be able to go to a Scrapbook Expo in your area. :)

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