14 April, 2016

Colour Explosion #22: Crazy Bird Distress Ink Speed Colouring

Before the Scrapbook Expo, when I knew how many of my friends I was seeing, I figured I'd make cards. And, since I have the camera mounted right above my craft space, I thought I might as well film it!

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I've seen the Bird Crazy birds done in lots of ways, and I really like the rainbow idea. I wanted proper spots of colour, not blended, so I didn't concentrate on blending when I used the Distress Inks and some water to colour them.

A photo posted by Aeryn Kelly (@_aerynkelly_) on

A photo posted by Aeryn Kelly (@_aerynkelly_) on

I figured I'd include some stencils, my wood embossing folder, and a bit of washi tape. Fun fun! I hope you like it. These were surprisingly quick, and even a wonderful person, Tiffany C, decided to *buy* my two left over birds, since I went and coloured them all for the heck of it. I'm so happy, and thankful, and surprised, and the way my week has been going I truly needed this kind of good thing. Anyway, here's the video too, I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. For some reason the pics were blank in my email. I already saw them though, and yes you should video this kind of stuff too. Loved watching it and so happy for you when the two extras sold.


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