27 April, 2016

Watercolour: Galaxy Painting

On Saturday I was having a hard time. Part my own stupid brain, part because I set a goal to write 50,000 words on a story from March 26th-April 26th and my character was going through some serious issues that I have gone through and it was kinda triggering. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, but you have to be careful of your triggers and make sure to touch base with people or things that will help you get through when times get hard. One of those things for me is colour, and trying new things, so I was surfing around on the internet and kept reading about these watercolour paints Mission Gold by Mijello in Korea. I checked on Amazon and they had a set of 36 paints, with a pallette box, for $70. That's a decent price, so I jumped on it and they arrived Tuesday. Here's the box all set up ^^^^. 

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I decided to do something a bit abstract for my first painting. This is how it started. :)

I filmed it, since my camera is right above my workspace and it was easy to film. The funny thing is that when Mike and I looked at the piece we decided it looked better upside down. Trippy, right? I hope you like my random little galaxy. I definitely need more practise, but that's always fun! Here's the video, for your viewing enjoyment. I hope you like it!

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