20 June, 2016

Studio Monday: Stencil Cutting

It was technically all Saturday, but it was stencil cutting day! I needed a custom stencil for a project and decided to just cut a crapton of stencils while I had my Cameo out.

See, isn't this stencil awesome? Boba Fett!!

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I decided to cut a dot stencil. It's only 7x7, but damn this took 22 minutes to cut! It was insane! So loud and dotty and holy crap. Worked the Cameo out like crazy!

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Made a mess of myself, the floor, the dog, everything around me. But also, all that scraping hurt my hand. To the point of bruising! Yeah, not smart to push myself like that.

Here's the result. 40 custom made stencils. If you figure each stencil is an average of $5 then I saved $200 making my own stencils. Now I can blow it all on watercolour brushes, lol!

11 June, 2016

Artsy Fartsy #14: Bubbles Art Journal Page

Hiya! So, you may or may not know, I caught a summer cold on the 22nd of May and have been pretty much wrecked by it since then. I was still on antibiotics, but I dared have a nice dinner date with Mike without wearing my mask and... yeah. Sick. So all crafting had to stop. Don't worry though, I was still writing a lot so I wasn't totally bored. Thankfully this time I didn't go on a shopping spree either (trying to be good!), but I did think about art.

I had this idea to use the masks from the new flower stamps I had by Stampendous to make an art journal page with warm coloured flowers and a cool coloured background. I wanted to use my Prima Art Alchemy paints too because they're new, pretty, and have a nice shimmer to them.

It took quite a long time to be well enough to do this, but when I did I wasn't as happy with the result as I expected to be when I was imagining the idea. There was too much open space I didn't know how to fill, and the stamping didn't come out as I had hoped. Plus, the formula of the Art Alchemy paints meant they didn't blend as I wanted/expected and I had a lot of brush strokes and unblended paint. I needed to cover up some of that space and focus on other spaces.

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I tried making circles/bubbles and then covering it with the purple Art Alchemy paint, Metallique Dark Velvet, but again I wasn't getting the blend I wanted and it wasn't as bright as I wanted it.

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When you think bright, you think Dylusions, so I tried my Dylusions paint. I love the vibrancy of the colours and blending you get with them. The only real issue I have with them is that even though they are paint and not the sprays, they still bleed. The colours will seep through any white or black paint you use and ruin your colour. It drives me insane, and I don't know how to make it stop.

I made sure to take this picture because now, everything that was white is now purple. It's disheartening, honestly. BUT, the journal page turned into something I like and I'll just have to rethink how I use my Dylusions paints from now on. Everything is an experiment. If you never try, you won't know, so it's not a total loss. And the page still looks good. Or... well, it *did* look good until it dried, lol!

I also filmed all this, so you can see that even when you have an idea in your head the process takes you where it wants to. Don't fight it, friends, just let it flow. Have you experienced a project like this before? Where you thought you were making one thing and yet it turned out completely different? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear.