20 June, 2016

Studio Monday: Stencil Cutting

It was technically all Saturday, but it was stencil cutting day! I needed a custom stencil for a project and decided to just cut a crapton of stencils while I had my Cameo out.

See, isn't this stencil awesome? Boba Fett!!

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I decided to cut a dot stencil. It's only 7x7, but damn this took 22 minutes to cut! It was insane! So loud and dotty and holy crap. Worked the Cameo out like crazy!

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Made a mess of myself, the floor, the dog, everything around me. But also, all that scraping hurt my hand. To the point of bruising! Yeah, not smart to push myself like that.

Here's the result. 40 custom made stencils. If you figure each stencil is an average of $5 then I saved $200 making my own stencils. Now I can blow it all on watercolour brushes, lol!

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