31 December, 2018

Colouring Book: Rhapsody in the Forest - Holiday Tree

I started this page back in December 2016 when I got the book, but it was so close to the holiday that I only had a few days to work on it and quickly lost interest. I only finished the tree in polychromos and the bow in Prismas. I figured 2018, it was high time I finished the page. I don't have Prismas anymore (having given them away to my mother), but I could mimic the blue just fine with Polychromos. I decided to speed the process more by using my Tombow Dual Brush Pens to do a marker base on the entire image. I find that these pens work fantastic on the paper of the two books by Kanoko Egusa and I got a very cool look on the background especially.

With my physical issues I have to work on my projects in an odd sort of way, taking not only frequent breaks but working on different parts or even different books with various mediums just because I cannot handle one or another. With this one I had to go back and forth between the tiny details of the items in the background and the larger, sweeping motions of the background frames themselves. It seemed like forever just to get a third of the page done, even with the marker base cutting down the number of pencil layers I needed. 

By the time I got to focusing on the bows my hands were pretty achy. I had to take them one or two at a time because I felt they were the real feature of this page. With the bold blue and the improvised curves and folds I had to make sure they looked reasonably good which meant a lot of time and detail. But with so many on the page I quickly got bored of doing them, especially since I couldn't half-ass the process.

The last thing I finished of the year, I still managed to get this one done under the wire of 2018 and I was really happy with that. The marker base made my pencil work faster and I think the colour ended up nice and vibrant. I ended up doing gel pens on the actual blue frames instead of just the marker, adding glitter to the page itself. Mike also suggested clear glitter gel pen on the tiny crowns so they could be shaded and shadowed instead of just flat silver gel pen. 

I did a tiny quick video of the shine the gel pens added to the picture.

30 December, 2018

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Gwent Champion

I wanted to make sure that I got in a Witcher picture for December, but I knew it'd be so busy I didn't want to do one of the more complicated images. I'm not aware of any winter holiday in the Witcher universe either so I figured Geralt's image here, after winning the Gwent championship (which I cheated on in-game, I don't play Gwent), would do for a celebration/happy holiday kind of feeling. I looked at the artists' original rendering and he didn't focus so much on the coins and the cards didn't exist in it so I really just focused on Geralt's portrait and his details. Of course, since that's one of the things I like best about this book, the MALENESS of Geralt (lol), I really enjoyed this page. No pretty girls, just our big, strong Witcher. All rendered in Copics and Polychromos as usual since it's his normal base Witcher armour.

29 December, 2018

Colouring Book: The Magical Christmas - Stockings

This is one of the pages I didn't think I'd do in one lump just because it took so much time, but I did enjoy working on it, so that's good.

It would have gone faster if I didn't start out the background, dislike it, and have to start over. Plus it's just really SOOO detailed. I ended up doing most of the toys in just glitter gel pen so they'd look fancier.

I started out the background in red and did the silver smoke/swirl stuff but I hated how that looked so I had to gesso it first because the red would run, and then cover it over with the blue I liked better.

I prefer non-traditional colours so I worked from a picture I found of teal, gold, silver, and green ornaments. I don't like gold so I changed that to yellow and went with a few different greens and blues for a bright, fun kind of holiday scene.

I'm pretty happy that I made good progress since there was SO much to work on in such a short time.

17 December, 2018

Colouring Book: Winter Wonderland - Dogs' Holiday

I really like this book by Creative Haven and I wanted to do another image from it during the holiday. Of course I *thought* it'd be fast but I had to get more and more involved with it as usual. I ended up seeing this cool winter scene on one of the tree instagrams I follow and tried to mimic the colours of it for the scene outside the window. A purple/silver themed holiday ornaments and packages all done in gel pen highlighted it nicely too I think.

And a little video to show how shiny it came out.