29 May, 2018

Colouring Book: The Daily - Rainy Day

I got this adorable colouring book, The Daily Colouring Book, and I'd picked out a different image to start with, but I kept going back to this one. I love rain, and I really like the realism mixed with cute in this book, so I figured even if I played around a bit I could do the image justice. Of course, May 21st was when the Summerset expansion for Elder Scrolls Online pre-released and I had a LOT to play and explore and enjoy so I knew I wouldn't  be going very fast on this image. Not that it's a race, but I do like to be productive.

Of course whenever there's something I want to do I end up screwed with my various pain issues. I had several days where all I could do was sit at my desk and stare at Netflix which is incredibly boring (I usually watch and game) and pain sucks. Most of the time my body does one or the other, I can either game or I can colour, but sometimes it takes away both things I love. I did make a bit of progress though so I took a photo, lol.

My spoiled butt got four new colouring books in the mail and I was excited to work on them as I was excited to see this page finished. I knew it was coming along nicely and I love when things go smoothly. The paper is a bit strange, has lines in it, but it took to the Polychromos well. I love my Polychromos.

I'm so happy with how this came out. I used reference photos for the flowers, the rainy sky, the dress, the hat, and the cute little Korean home. I actually really like doing wood, which I didn't think I would but hey. Anyway, I hope you liked seeing the progress of this one. I really love Korean books, they're so imaginative and fun. I'm going to colour another in this soon I bet.

19 May, 2018

Colouring Book: Shadowscapes - Space Lions

Since finishing my kitty mermaid I didn't want to start anything too complicated when I knew I had to drive the (4hrs) to LA for my doctor's appointment the next day. I picked this image from Shadowscapes. Unfortunately the CreateSpace paper makes this book a lot less fun since I wanted to colour it with my Copics, but my Pablos take well to CreateSpace paper so that's what I used. Plus they travel better, lol.

I did the watercolour base first and then the pencils in the car and boom, job done nice and quick.

16 May, 2018

Colouring Book: Menuet de Bonheur - Kitty Mermaid

Since I did the Spinosaurus in my dinosaur colouring book I've had this idea that if I colour from the bottom left upwards and then move my way right I can keep myself from getting bored with a page, but also stop myself from rubbing the pencil off. It works great unless... your book has an entire section of the same thing like this page in Menuet De Bonheur. It's actually a double page, but I wanted to do this single side. Partly because it's easier, but also because cat mermaids are rare!

I got my Luminance while I was doing this page so I started right in on her tail and body with them. I find that the paper really suits these pencils so it was great fun to colour and experiment with my new medium.

I have a lot of pain issues along with my "normal" Cystic Fibrosis issues and it keeps me from colouring as much as I want. I did really enjoy doing her tail and the water was done with my Albrecht Durer pencils bit  by bit and that helped.

And here it is finished. I wrote down the pertinent colours on the opposite side for when I revisit the book but I'm happy to check this one off as done and dusted. I love fish and I had a great time looking  up these real life animals and representing them the way I wanted. I hope you like it too!

Stay Crafty,

14 May, 2018

Colouring Book: A Light Sleeper but a Heavy Dreamer

One of the first things I wanted to try when opening the box of Caran d'Ache Luminance was skin because of the pale colours. It has like brown ochre 10% and 50% kind of colours and I had to play with that right away. I'd picked out this picture in Forest Girl by Aeppol to colour right when I got it and such a large face was pretty perfect. The colours went on *so* smooth it was great to colour and so easy to get a nice blend that I usually do.

For the hair I wanted her a redhead, but a bit on the blond side. I wanted to do individual strands instead of a wash and then a bit of detail so I switched to Polychromos because their points hold so well and you need a nice sharp pencil for all those strands.

I started her sweater in Luminance and I realised quickly that when doing something like this I don't think the Luminance goes well on this particular paper. It took way more work than I thought it should to get a nice smooth coverage. It worked, and it looks fine, but yeah. This was kinda like one of those "I got this far yesterday" shots, except for the bit of watercolour in the background which I'd just started on the 12th. Since Aeppol is a watercolour artist her images have watery backgrounds and I figured it'd be nice to match that. I just took a brush to my Neocolour 2 in their case and tap tap tapped the colour on.

Another "this is how far I got yesterday" shot and I did indeed finish it on the 13th as I predicted. I only had flowers to do and unfortunately I found I didn't enjoy doing the purple flowers. I, in my own feeling, half-assed it and just skipped most of the blending and detail that *could* be applied if someone had enjoyed doing it. Since I didn't I just went straight through and made them look presentable while still being quick about it.

Here's the finished photo of the whole thing. I added a quote because I didn't like the empty space and I wanted to leave white space so I didn't watercolour the entire background either. Once I'd finished her sweater I moved back to Polychromos for the rest of the image and I think that not only do they blend well together when colouring the same thing, but they work nicely on the same page together too.

Lastly just a bit of a close up on the detail that I did and I really like her hair so you can see more of that here too. The polychromos are so great for hair and I had a great time doing the little flyaway hairs as well as just a touch of eyeshadow as I figured she's a little girl and maybe she has one of those playsets without a lot of pigment in it so just a dusting of  blush and shadow.

Anyway I hope you like it, I had a great time doing this one and I'm  happy with how it came out so that's a good thing too! 

Book: Forest Girl by Aeppol (etsy import)
hair: black, burnt umber, burnt sienna, terracotta, burnt ochre, cream
leaves: pine green, juniper green, earth green
sweater: violet, ice blue, middle cobalt blue, turquoise blue

(note: I don't record colours as I go, I provide colours as a courtesy if they're in my colour notebook and easy to share with you, but am not a stickler about recording during my process. If you don't see a combo here 100% guarantee I do not remember what I used)

10 May, 2018

Early Birthday Present!

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Look what came yesterday!!! I'm so excited. When I first got into combining my Copics with coloured pencils I spent MONTHS researching pencils, literally months. I looked at our budget, my skill level, and reliability of the product. Eventually I decided on Faber-Castell Polychromos and those I've had the longest (4/2012), then for christmas in 2014 I got my Caran d'Ache Pablos, last year I got the Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer pencils for my birthday, and this year I get..... Caran d'Ache LUMINANCE! 

Officially the fanciest of the pencils on the market because they're the most lightfast out there (keeping your wall art safe!), they have minimal binders and that makes them soft and smooth as you work with more pigment instead. They come with an all-wax blender pencil to help move the pigment around if you wish, and of course they blend great with just each other. They're similarly soft to Prismas, but since you're working with more pigment than wax they're not slippery and they don't have near instant wax bloom that Prismas do. Since they are softer than the oil-based Polychromos or their wax counterparts Pablos, they do need sharpening more often but they don't break or chip when you do so so that's fine by me.

I also used them (and the blender) with the Polychromos I already had on my current colouring page and oh it's so fun! I've only used them a few hours so far so I'm obviously not an expert, but I'm liking how they fit with my colouring style. And really, that's all that matters, right? 

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The first thing I did was fill out the colour chart we got from the internet and place them in their BTSKY 72 slot case. I don't use my pencils when they're in big bulky cases and honestly there's no room for them anyway, so all that foam and whatnot had to go so I could work. Took about an hour because the list is not how they were laid out in the box, but I actually prefer this so that's fine. I just had to be really careful to get the numbers right. I'm one of the (apparently few) that hate, hate, HATE doing colour charts but I do find that I like having one. I also kinda want to make an "all inclusive" colour chart. A tiny (4x6 maybe?) ring binder with charts from all my colouring mediums on their proper paper. So like a Copic marker chart on Copic paper, an Inktense chart on watercolour, and pencil charts on cardstock. Right now the charts I have are just printed at my husband's work on their copier/printer beast.

Anyway, I'm off to play, I just wanted to share. And yeah, these weren't cheap, we got a great deal so they were $180 from Cheap Joe's but these are 100% luxury items. I mostly only splurge like this for birthdays because with Cystic Fibrosis every year is truly something to celebrate. June 24th I'll be 35 so it's a big one!!! Have a great day :)

Stay Crafty,

07 May, 2018

Mixed Media: Live Simply... Give Generously

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Since I have such nicely organised magazine pieces now I picked out a nature background and a guy from my files, I added a piece I gelli printed, and some paint to make this. I didn't really have a specific direction, but I don't need one sometimes, yeah. I like to just let things develop and I think it worked out okay.

05 May, 2018

Mixed Media: Collage Fodder Folders

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I got a ton of magazines from my dentist the last time we were there (nearly six months ago... hey... I can get more soon!) and while I've used some pieces in my mixed media already I've had an issue trying to find something I needed, especially from unfamiliar magazines like Time and Golf Monthly. Spurred on my Shannon Green's video on her own decorated folders for collage I jumped in and spent a day going page by page through the big bag of magazines and pulling out what I liked. Then I decorated these folders and separated out all the things I'd selected from the magazines. I have scenery, men, women, and animals categories to choose from. 

I'm happy with how the folders came out but I'm more happy with how easy it is to select what I want.

03 May, 2018

Colouring Book: Kawaii Alpacas - Pastel Alpaca

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I bought this alpaca book back in October '17 and I was so excited before it came but once it did the large scale of the prints kind of bothered me and I put it aside for a later date. See, I had this idea that I had to colour it in with pencil and make it look fancy and really "upscale" the art. I started my "adult" colouring journey with super cute stamps and serious Copics to make them look fancy after all.

But on the 2nd I looked through my books for something to colour and I thought "why does it have to be serious?" It's a cute little book, I have children's colouring books I don't feel the need to upscale, why is this different because it's from amazon? It's not different! I can just have a fun, colourful alpaca book! I got out my crayon set and went to down and I love how it came out. Yes, there's grey shading and some depth in real life, but it wasn't the stressful experience I expected it'd be when I received the book. 

I hope you like it! I'm happy I gave myself a chance to relax and have more fun.

Book: Kawaii Alpacas by Mindful Coloring Books and Jean Tumbagahan
Medium: Crayola Crayons, Stickles