14 May, 2018

Colouring Book: A Light Sleeper but a Heavy Dreamer

One of the first things I wanted to try when opening the box of Caran d'Ache Luminance was skin because of the pale colours. It has like brown ochre 10% and 50% kind of colours and I had to play with that right away. I'd picked out this picture in Forest Girl by Aeppol to colour right when I got it and such a large face was pretty perfect. The colours went on *so* smooth it was great to colour and so easy to get a nice blend that I usually do.

For the hair I wanted her a redhead, but a bit on the blond side. I wanted to do individual strands instead of a wash and then a bit of detail so I switched to Polychromos because their points hold so well and you need a nice sharp pencil for all those strands.

I started her sweater in Luminance and I realised quickly that when doing something like this I don't think the Luminance goes well on this particular paper. It took way more work than I thought it should to get a nice smooth coverage. It worked, and it looks fine, but yeah. This was kinda like one of those "I got this far yesterday" shots, except for the bit of watercolour in the background which I'd just started on the 12th. Since Aeppol is a watercolour artist her images have watery backgrounds and I figured it'd be nice to match that. I just took a brush to my Neocolour 2 in their case and tap tap tapped the colour on.

Another "this is how far I got yesterday" shot and I did indeed finish it on the 13th as I predicted. I only had flowers to do and unfortunately I found I didn't enjoy doing the purple flowers. I, in my own feeling, half-assed it and just skipped most of the blending and detail that *could* be applied if someone had enjoyed doing it. Since I didn't I just went straight through and made them look presentable while still being quick about it.

Here's the finished photo of the whole thing. I added a quote because I didn't like the empty space and I wanted to leave white space so I didn't watercolour the entire background either. Once I'd finished her sweater I moved back to Polychromos for the rest of the image and I think that not only do they blend well together when colouring the same thing, but they work nicely on the same page together too.

Lastly just a bit of a close up on the detail that I did and I really like her hair so you can see more of that here too. The polychromos are so great for hair and I had a great time doing the little flyaway hairs as well as just a touch of eyeshadow as I figured she's a little girl and maybe she has one of those playsets without a lot of pigment in it so just a dusting of  blush and shadow.

Anyway I hope you like it, I had a great time doing this one and I'm  happy with how it came out so that's a good thing too! 

Book: Forest Girl by Aeppol (etsy import)
hair: black, burnt umber, burnt sienna, terracotta, burnt ochre, cream
leaves: pine green, juniper green, earth green
sweater: violet, ice blue, middle cobalt blue, turquoise blue

(note: I don't record colours as I go, I provide colours as a courtesy if they're in my colour notebook and easy to share with you, but am not a stickler about recording during my process. If you don't see a combo here 100% guarantee I do not remember what I used)


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    1. thanks so much, Julie, I'm glad you like it. The hair was so fun :)


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