16 May, 2018

Colouring Book: Menuet de Bonheur - Kitty Mermaid

Since I did the Spinosaurus in my dinosaur colouring book I've had this idea that if I colour from the bottom left upwards and then move my way right I can keep myself from getting bored with a page, but also stop myself from rubbing the pencil off. It works great unless... your book has an entire section of the same thing like this page in Menuet De Bonheur. It's actually a double page, but I wanted to do this single side. Partly because it's easier, but also because cat mermaids are rare!

I got my Luminance while I was doing this page so I started right in on her tail and body with them. I find that the paper really suits these pencils so it was great fun to colour and experiment with my new medium.

I have a lot of pain issues along with my "normal" Cystic Fibrosis issues and it keeps me from colouring as much as I want. I did really enjoy doing her tail and the water was done with my Albrecht Durer pencils bit  by bit and that helped.

And here it is finished. I wrote down the pertinent colours on the opposite side for when I revisit the book but I'm happy to check this one off as done and dusted. I love fish and I had a great time looking  up these real life animals and representing them the way I wanted. I hope you like it too!

Stay Crafty,

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