03 May, 2018

Colouring Book: Kawaii Alpacas - Pastel Alpaca

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I bought this alpaca book back in October '17 and I was so excited before it came but once it did the large scale of the prints kind of bothered me and I put it aside for a later date. See, I had this idea that I had to colour it in with pencil and make it look fancy and really "upscale" the art. I started my "adult" colouring journey with super cute stamps and serious Copics to make them look fancy after all.

But on the 2nd I looked through my books for something to colour and I thought "why does it have to be serious?" It's a cute little book, I have children's colouring books I don't feel the need to upscale, why is this different because it's from amazon? It's not different! I can just have a fun, colourful alpaca book! I got out my crayon set and went to down and I love how it came out. Yes, there's grey shading and some depth in real life, but it wasn't the stressful experience I expected it'd be when I received the book. 

I hope you like it! I'm happy I gave myself a chance to relax and have more fun.

Book: Kawaii Alpacas by Mindful Coloring Books and Jean Tumbagahan
Medium: Crayola Crayons, Stickles

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