30 July, 2018

July 2018 Coloured Pages

July was a big month with two gifted books, some experimentation, and a lot of colour. I have to say I like how every one of these pages came out, even if I'm not so much a fan of Hannah's work anymore to colour much in the book. I'm glad I got the long-standing WIP finished at least, because that's really a good goal to tick those off the lists.

26 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Exploratorium - Scorched Earth

The funny thing about washes, and this is one of the first ones I did fully in water based marker, is that they really look horrible. NO offense meant to those that do flat colouring and love it, but I am *not* a lover of it in my own work and this stage is so ugly it's sometimes the stage I just stop because "ew, this is a wreck!" PUSH THROUGH this moment where things are ugly. Especially if, like me, you're confident in your colouring skill that you can get it *out* of this stage.

I'm always trying new things in my colouring and if it doesn't work out, well, we've learned for next time. Usually if I mess something up I can salvage it. Now, this sky is nothing like the picture I was going for, that's just how things work out, BUT this is salvaged into something that I think works and looks pretty cool. And in fixing it I learned things and also now have a new technique that I'd like to do on purpose another time. It's paint, and paint works, as long as I don't have to colour on it with coloured pencils, which I just plain dislike.

I love the doodles in this book and their personalities.

I have so many pain issues in colouring and anything with micro movements, but I had an amazing time with this page. I've been all over the American south west and it's not normally a place I like much, but this reminded me so much of Arches National Park I was really inspired to take this out and get it finished.

The details really are what makes this book and all the little bits you sit and put shading on.  I admit, I'm one of those that gets REALLY painful pushing myself through mountains of detail, but I find if I take breaks, if I go with pieces of a page, that really helps. When I'm starting to get impatient I challenge myself to finish sections, no matter what's in it, instead of "all the aliens" or "all the foliage", and I find that helps.

25 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Manic Botanic - Ibex Goats

If you've followed my colouring you probably know that I like realism with the added excuse "but it's just colouring for fun" tacked on at the end. For this page I did a lot of research into the animals (which I assumed are) the Ibex. It's a species of goat, which at least in California you can see in a lot of zoos. They're fascinating and they come in so many various colour combinations as well it was very fun and challenging to make them look as they do.

One of the reasons I love this artist is because she depicts well drawn animals with these fantastical, swirly, imaginative flora. Much like Kerby (though they're not alike at first glance) she takes something very true to life and puts a twist on it. The way the animals dissolve into the world, it's challenging to colour I admit, but it's so rewarding when finished and you can see the product. Using Copics I was able to change my original sky colour a few times, a good thing since it didn't start out how I wanted it, but I'm most happy about how the goats blended and that brown goat is really cool the way the underpaint blended with the colours I put over the top. I love Copics so much.

22 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Pop Manga Mermaids - Mermaid Heart

I have a lovely friend in my guild in Elder Scrolls Online and every once in a while he likes to grace me with a new present. This book had JUST come out and so he preordered it for me and I waiting, rather impatiently, for it to ship/get to me. I jumped in right away with a wash of Clean Colour markers and then went over the background with Distress Oxide so I could add water and give it that great splotchiness you get with Distress and water.

I was a bit worried when I'd done the wash that the skin tone wouldn't work out but I'm really happy with how great their skin blended and contrasted with their tails. One of those happy experiments that just happens to work out.

And here it's finished. I ended up putting a lot of stickles on it and it did mess with the water-based marker wash I'd done but it wasn't too terrible and it didn't bleed through which is the most important part. I had a rough time with the bottles and getting that glitter on there, but I do like the end result. Of course the present books end up more special, but I do so much prefer this way when things are bought from my "I already want this" list, haha!

17 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Manga Invasion - Seahorse

I do this thing where I buy books in bunches, usually two or three at a time, especially if they come from far away like Korea. This book, Manga Invasion, I bought with a few others about a year ago and for a few months I had this page pulled out and colour tested. I often plot things out by doing a small area of the page just to see if the colour scheme I'm thinking of will work. I don't get pictures in my head (it's called "aphantasia") so this is a necessary step, but I'm a dork and I usually "test" in the centre of a page so if it's wrong there's no going back really.

It stayed like this for quite a while. I think I worked on it some when in the doctor's office in May and the dentist in June, but that's about it. Then I got some motivation to get it finished since I'd separated out the coloured pencils from their case and I wanted to finish it up and be able to put them away. I got this far just on the way to the movies.

Painting the background with Distress twisted citron paint was pretty much the only option I could think of since I kept looking at the three greens I was using for the water and thinking of all the pencil and time that'd take. I didn't want to waste either so I took a small brush and painted the whole thing. My hands shake a bit, so it's not perfect, but it helped a lot. The nice thing about Distress paint is it doesn't smell like craft paint does so getting in those tiny spots with my nose inches from my brush didn't cause breathing issues.

Once I had the background done it looked like I had so little left before I was finished I just went all day and finished it up. I don't usually colour like that, with as delicate as my hands are it's better to take breaks and do other things. Even something as simple as holding a pen/pencil steady for some reason taxes my biceps. It's ridiculous. But yeah I wanted it done. All in all I'm happy with how it came out and it makes me want to do another soon. There's some holiday type images so perhaps little owls or voodoo dolls for Halloween! 

I hope you like it! Let me know if this is the kind of book that appeals to you or if it's too tiny for your own colouring tastes. What do you like to colour?