17 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Manga Invasion - Seahorse

I do this thing where I buy books in bunches, usually two or three at a time, especially if they come from far away like Korea. This book, Manga Invasion, I bought with a few others about a year ago and for a few months I had this page pulled out and colour tested. I often plot things out by doing a small area of the page just to see if the colour scheme I'm thinking of will work. I don't get pictures in my head (it's called "aphantasia") so this is a necessary step, but I'm a dork and I usually "test" in the centre of a page so if it's wrong there's no going back really.

It stayed like this for quite a while. I think I worked on it some when in the doctor's office in May and the dentist in June, but that's about it. Then I got some motivation to get it finished since I'd separated out the coloured pencils from their case and I wanted to finish it up and be able to put them away. I got this far just on the way to the movies.

Painting the background with Distress twisted citron paint was pretty much the only option I could think of since I kept looking at the three greens I was using for the water and thinking of all the pencil and time that'd take. I didn't want to waste either so I took a small brush and painted the whole thing. My hands shake a bit, so it's not perfect, but it helped a lot. The nice thing about Distress paint is it doesn't smell like craft paint does so getting in those tiny spots with my nose inches from my brush didn't cause breathing issues.

Once I had the background done it looked like I had so little left before I was finished I just went all day and finished it up. I don't usually colour like that, with as delicate as my hands are it's better to take breaks and do other things. Even something as simple as holding a pen/pencil steady for some reason taxes my biceps. It's ridiculous. But yeah I wanted it done. All in all I'm happy with how it came out and it makes me want to do another soon. There's some holiday type images so perhaps little owls or voodoo dolls for Halloween! 

I hope you like it! Let me know if this is the kind of book that appeals to you or if it's too tiny for your own colouring tastes. What do you like to colour?

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