25 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Manic Botanic - Ibex Goats

If you've followed my colouring you probably know that I like realism with the added excuse "but it's just colouring for fun" tacked on at the end. For this page I did a lot of research into the animals (which I assumed are) the Ibex. It's a species of goat, which at least in California you can see in a lot of zoos. They're fascinating and they come in so many various colour combinations as well it was very fun and challenging to make them look as they do.

One of the reasons I love this artist is because she depicts well drawn animals with these fantastical, swirly, imaginative flora. Much like Kerby (though they're not alike at first glance) she takes something very true to life and puts a twist on it. The way the animals dissolve into the world, it's challenging to colour I admit, but it's so rewarding when finished and you can see the product. Using Copics I was able to change my original sky colour a few times, a good thing since it didn't start out how I wanted it, but I'm most happy about how the goats blended and that brown goat is really cool the way the underpaint blended with the colours I put over the top. I love Copics so much.

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