22 July, 2018

Colouring Book: Pop Manga Mermaids - Mermaid Heart

I have a lovely friend in my guild in Elder Scrolls Online and every once in a while he likes to grace me with a new present. This book had JUST come out and so he preordered it for me and I waiting, rather impatiently, for it to ship/get to me. I jumped in right away with a wash of Clean Colour markers and then went over the background with Distress Oxide so I could add water and give it that great splotchiness you get with Distress and water.

I was a bit worried when I'd done the wash that the skin tone wouldn't work out but I'm really happy with how great their skin blended and contrasted with their tails. One of those happy experiments that just happens to work out.

And here it's finished. I ended up putting a lot of stickles on it and it did mess with the water-based marker wash I'd done but it wasn't too terrible and it didn't bleed through which is the most important part. I had a rough time with the bottles and getting that glitter on there, but I do like the end result. Of course the present books end up more special, but I do so much prefer this way when things are bought from my "I already want this" list, haha!

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