24 August, 2018

Colour Explosion #28: Copic Colouring in the Witcher Colouring Book

I love this Witcher colouring book so much I had absolutely no problem filming some colouring of it. I don't enjoy colouring *everything* for video, especially since speed videos aren't that popular with a large section of my target audience, but little bits like this is pretty easy for me to film, enjoy colouring, and voice over later.

Since this is actually the first page in the book, and my first time colouring a book like this where I cared about the outcome, I made sure I had a ton of reference photos from the game. My game's exceptionally dark, but I did my best haha.

I made a few mistakes on Geralt, but I kept them in the video because, honestly, mistakes and how to deal with them are part of learning art. I'm not going to be tracing the lines of Geralt's hair again, and I'll use different pencils so he doesn't look so grey. His hair's got like no pigment so it's more like a polar bear, not an elderly person.

Dandelion, true to his personality, was the most difficult to do because of how fancy he is. The detail on his outfit, even dulled down for a colouring book, is intense and took the most time getting correct to how he looks in Witcher 3. They all look a bit different from game to game, but W3 is the only one I've played and it seems on-model for this picture. 

I'm really happy with how this one worked out. I practised on a Doctor Who page beforehand, making sure I could do realistic faces to my liking, so I didn't ruin the book and I have to say this is definitely one of those books I want to finish every picture in. As colouring books get better quality I'm saying that about more and more of them, but Dark Horse is just really great at making colouring books, especially if you like Copics because they're single sided with a quote on the back. No worries about ruining another picture and you can mostly read the quotes when you're done anyway, haha.

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