15 August, 2018

Colouring Book: Fantomorphia/Geomorphia - Giant Squid Rock

One of the pages I really loved in this version of Fantomorphia my friend May sent me is like every single additional page is better than the American publication. Including this awesome squid! I had to focus on him first, and of course those eyes!

I didn't want to show too much at once. I know that not everyone has this version and so hasn't even seen the additional pages, so I was a bit teasy with it.

Once I was done, though, there's so much to share! It's hard to get photographs with a phone that show all the detail that you put into something, and I am *all* about detail so it's a bit rough for me to try this. But swipe through the photos and you can sort of see everything going on.

I tried to get the real life animals as close to their true life looks as well as keeping the squid and background more fantasy feeling. I added gel pen to some areas for some sparkle as well. Of course most of the gel pens weren't the correct colours, so I just added bits and pieces, mostly in areas that didn't have real life counterparts. The sky is also taken from a real life reference of an awesome sunset as I was searching for half underwater photos like the page is drawn for some direction as to how the water reacts to such pictures.

Here in this little video you can see the sparkle. I'm not really a fan of such things, but Mom got me the pens and I want to utilize them somehow. I also think in a fantasy page I can break my rigid adherence to reality.

I hope you like this page. Please leave a comment about what you'd might want to see next!

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