15 August, 2018

Stamp Scenes: Mr. Octopus' Amazing Catch

Story Time: When I was little I used to collect stickers. It was very popular in the late eighties and  pretty much all your status as a 4th grader was determined by how many fuzzy stickers you had and in what variety you had them. So my parents did what they could to provide me with varied stickers and I was happy. So happy I wanted to *do* something with them. I thought "what if I used these stickers to make little scenes, like the Far Side comics?" My mom had several of those books and I read them a lot, so I tried to make them up myself on blank index cards with stickers, crayons, and my own crappy 9yo penmanship. I *wish* I could find some of these. I know they're around, but I couldn't find any just yet.

Well, now I'm no longer into stickers, I haven't read a Far Side comic in quite a while, but *this* is not only the closest approximation of what I tried to do all those years ago, it's actually *successful*. Stamps, Copics, and a little imagination and I can create the 4x6 story I'd been thinking of all those years ago. 

So yeah, that's the origin of stamp scenes.

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