14 September, 2018

Colouring Book: Beauty of Horror - Snake Charmer

While I love this book one thing I do not love about it is all the intricate frames. Yes, I'm sure they took a long time for Alan Robert to draw but I just don't want to colour them sooooo... I paint them out!

One important thing to remember is there's a stage in colouring, somewhere near the beginning or around the middle, where the project looks ugly. Sometimes SUPER ugly like this. It's just a wash of flat Tombow Dual Brush pen colouring. I'm not a fan of flat colouring and the reason....

Is that detailed colouring is so much more fun to look at! I went with brighter and fun colours so she'd appear more childlike and yet, of course, still a zombie. Yeah, don't apply too much logic. Fun and quick to colour was the point. And I used some grey Distress Oxide and a stencil to give all that black paint some character. Took two seconds and I really like how it came out. Win/Win

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