14 September, 2018

Colouring Book: Grimms Nightmares - Terrorized Tangled

While I'm not really a fan of Amazon's CreateSpace paper they use for cheap printing, preferring my own super-smooth printer paper for coloured pencils and/or Copic paper, I have to admit that if you learn how to do it colouring with Copics on it is not terrible. Sure, they bleed outside the lines, but if you pay attention to it and work *with* the bleeding it's quite fast. Such was the case with this one. I'd bought a few "I guess this is all they have" type books last year around Halloween time and I'm still operating with the idea of hoping to finish a piece in every book I own. I won't make it by the end of 2018, but seeing as it's Halloween time I wanted to try to finish a page in as many Halloween books as I could. This one was fun and quick as I coloured her to look like Disney's rapunzel and did simple *fake* cell shading. I kinda want to learn that actual technique now.

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