12 September, 2018

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Geralt vs the Noonwraith

Really loving the contrast between the flat wash photos and then the details I try to remember to take one with every page I colour. Basing in the lights and then adding the dark to light is fun, even with Copics. The only difference is at this point I'd tried a different sky, didn't like it, and painted over it by now. It would have looked fine if this book were made with Copic paper, the transition would have functioned better, but for this book it just didn't satisfy me and Geralt's fighting a *noon*wraith anyway, so a bright sky was a better choice than the dawn sky I'd tried.

And here's the finished shot. I'm really happy with how the grass came out, especially considering how much time I spent on getting the texture of it. I worked with several in-game reference photos for both the wraith and Geralt's armour because I don't actually wear armour when I play. He's invulnerable, so I just put him in a plain shirt and trousers. But since this is the base armour the book has many illustrations with him dressed this way.

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