06 September, 2018

Colouring Book: Woodland Fantasy - Pirate Elf

My husband is one of those men that goes "oh you don't have to get me anything for my birthday" because 1. it's all his money anyway, if he wanted to he'd just spend it and 2. his love language is thoughtful deeds, not presents or surprises (like mine is) so when his birthday comes around I'm always like "well I gotta do *something* tho." Last year I was able to arrange a very special present from all of us in his family, as well as colouring a colouring page for him, and I thought I'd just do another colouring page he could frame. Most all my supplies are lightfast so no worries about him hanging them in his office or anything. 

I'd not done a page in this colouring book yet, partly because I love the images and partly cos I'd just not gotten around to it, so I handed him the book to pick a picture he liked. This elf girl caught his eye and I decided to colour her like his main character, Dayla Longbow, from Elder Scrolls Online (as well as its various incarnations - he tends to make the same character in all his games). In the game she's a tiny Wood Elf archer so the image is pretty close.

For this I used mainly my Copics, but I didn't want to take a chance on the background not being cohesive (the book isn't printed on Copic paper, so they don't blend the same ways) and used craft paint. For the metal accents Mike chose some of my Fintec paints and the bronze sort of colour. I dunno if he'd have preferred it to be a surprise, but I like that he was involved in the colour choices for this picture. It's now hanging in his office at work.

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