10 September, 2018

Studio Monday: Swatching is Hell

This one is stupid long, but not nearly as long as friggin' swatching all your supplies if you've been crafting 10+ years. And I'm not even done yet. I'm checking things off, trying to make myself feel better with indications of progress, but honestly I *hate* doing swatches.

If you've been around the 9 years I've been colouring with Copics you might have seen this little journal before. I used to have it stuffed full of just colour combos, or the *illusion* that I'd make colour combos, but I realised that it's always been clunky and unused. Not to mention ugly. So what I did was I pulled this small 3 ring binder out, mixed media-d it like crazy, and finally found the motivation to fill out colour charts of all my colouring supplies on their appropriate paper they work best on. That way I have an easy reference of how the product *really* performs.

One of the reasons I'd stopped keeping track of colour combos was how boring it was to actually implement them. I'd have to either stop what I was doing to colour this little face/body/clothing/whatever image in the middle of a project or delay cleaning up to make sure I got the colour combo down, *or* waste time taking a photo of the markers and then never going back to it. All around, screw that. So I printed some graph paper lines onto Copic XPress It paper and now there's boxes. Takes a minute or two to get it down nicely. Plus I can fit a lot more information into one page.

I bought the Hex charts from Sandy Allnock for the supplies I have and I kinda of made up the rest from various google searches. But for the Copics, Luminance, and Polychromos I printed out two, one 8.5x11, one small for the journal, so it was *double* the work. I hate the monotony of swatching, and took the time to edit Witcher 3 videos for my Gamer Aeryn channel to keep me from going insane. 

Of course once the charts are *done* they're very useful. Not only do they look pretty, but they're good references when your brain says "I need this kinda colour that's like... I dunno" and you can look through the book and find which supply you might need. Easier to compare them all without opening every single case for the chart in there and then having to return them to the right case again and... yeah it'd be a mess. This is faster and nicer.

I decided that one binder will just be the colouring supplies, like pencils and markers, that way I can keep it more narrow and include colour combinations. I then thought "what if I did a catalogue of *every* supply, so I know what all I have without hunting around" and I dunno where THAT insanity came from, but yeah, that'd be a different binder. Just all the Tim Holtz things alone is daunting, let alone the paint, india ink, crayons... yeah, I'm going to do it, but I'm not going to push myself on it too much. 

I got stuck into this for a few days and realised I had nearly no time to colour Mike's present so I stopped and then kinda dip in and out of swatching because, yeah, I hate it so much.

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