24 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Animal Adventurers - Pumpkin Spice Fox

I was so excited for this book to come out. One of the ways I enjoy being able to collect art from artists without having to afford print after print is when they put out colouring books. I coloured this differently than Nicole, the artist, did, but that's fine. The little animal adventurers in this book are adorable and it makes the page a joy to colour.

21 October, 2018

Art Bag #53: EVEN MORE STAMPS!!!

Admittedly, while I've been producing a lot of things, I've not been filming them. This is partly because I make literally no money from any of this and partly because if it's not fun I don't want to do it. I have to be in the mood to film because I have to focus on something and not flit around from this to that to that constantly. That's just my preferred method of creating and it's a nightmare to try and edit. It's also way faster for me to buy things (sometimes a LOT of things) than it is for me to create.

Which is why I wanted to start off the video with this little scene I made from a few of the stamp sets in the haul, so you can see right off the idea. I don't necessarily write down the things I blather as "ideas" during these videos, but perhaps I should, haha. Point is there'll be a lot of these little characters travelling to different locals in  their campers I can tell you that much! I'm working on layering/masking as a possibility, but for now it's just easier for me to create the scene and then fussy cut. I *like* to fussy cut, so even the tiniest of bits is soothing for me to cut and layer on top instead of try to avoid when scene building. That's about all there is to it, honestly. :)

Here's the video showing the new things as well as the previous 3 stamp scenes.

Colouring Book: Little Witches - Smart Witch

This book was in my recommended section on Amazon and didn't take much thought for me to decide to pick up. It's very cute, but now I'm seeing the same images in other books as well so I'm a bit concerned they're stolen but.... yeah, oh well. I've bought it. Too late. 

The foliage in this book looks like it was "inspired" by Gravity Falls and so I decided to take this image that had no background and colour it similar to the GF forest. I mostly used Copics, but mixed in some Pablos for more detail (which of course doesn't show in the photo....), and some silver accents. Normally I'd not add brown leather and black fabric but, you know, so many times colouring Geralt's armour and I'm into it. Sure thing, we're adding black *and* brown in outfits now. 

14 October, 2018

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Geralt vs the Water Hag

I love this book so much. This is my third page and I'm trying to do monsters and stuff for Halloween and Witcher has no shortage of monsters! Dark Horse makes excellent books so I just went with my Copics and a bit of shading with Polychromos and it looks great. I went with a brighter scheme for the Water Hag, more like the one the Baron's wife turns into, just so I could have some variation from the same colours Geralt's wearing. Good thing these monsters don't have to like hide or blend in or anything cos wow, that red is *bright*. This is probably a book I'm going to finish so I'm pleased with how fast these pages go and yet look so nice.

13 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Exploratorium - Haunted Graveyard

I love this Exploratorium book. This is my third spread and it's so fun to work on these pages. I like to pick a colour scheme for the little characters and then colour their surroundings true to life. It adds for an interesting contrast. I did a wash with my Tombow Dual Brush Markers and then went in for details with my Polychromos.

I didn't want to cover over the pen too much, since I wanted a more see-through kind of look for the creatures, and didn't want to add a lot of shading, I just lightly coloured each one with my pencils. This is one of those pages I worked on a bit all through September and it was nice to get this finished off and move on finally.

12 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Dark Fantasy - Evil Elf King

I'm fully appreciating digi colouring books as my physical collection grows and gets out of hand so instead of buying the Dark Fantasy book by Jade Summer and downloading the free digi copy I just went ahead on got the digi only. Cheaper, haha. This way it's only on my preferred paper too which means I can use just Copics and be so happy with how this guy came out.

I figured he looked like the bad guy, Mannimarco, from the Elder Scrolls series as well as the bad guy from Witcher 3, Eredin, so I combined the two. I wanted a new look for the skin and I'm happy that it came out. A pale, dead-ish blue/purple underpaint as if his skin is see through. Though, since I'm using Copics, I knew it'd look better if I did the plue and purple over the top, because of how they blend. But point is, came out how I wanted, lol. I hope you like it too. I went simple for the rest, but it's relaxing to colour like that sometimes.

09 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Mythographic - Harry Potter Owl

Mythographic was insanely popular when it came out and it's not hard to see why, but one thing that gets me is that name. Honestly, it's animals in just a TON of foliage. I'm not all that creative, but I think my title is better. I also decided that since the items in this book surrounding the animals are so random, and don't have any doodle people (like Kerby's books) to give it some cohesion I'm going to just silhouette the items with black Posca and if there's some that happen to pertain to the animal, like the broom and witch hat for this owl, I'll colour just those.

This one was a bit ridiculous for me. I started out colouring the background different, didn't like it, ended up covering it all with a darker blue instead of the gradient I'd made. Then I'd coloured all the foliage a base green, didn't like it, made everything autumn colours. Started out with super pink flower petals, didn't like it, and ended up with maroon petals. I'd have had this done in September if I hadn't changed it up so much. Really nuts, but one thing I love is how well the Copics work with each other and allow for this sort of shenanigans. 

04 October, 2018

Altered Book: Haikyo - Flooded Onsen

I wanted to use this new shark book I got and paging through my Haikyo book I saw this abandoned onsen. I though it'd look neat if it flooded and sharks came in. After that.. well, I dunno. I'm still new with this collage thing, but it was fun, and quick. You can click through to see the before photo, that's always fun. 

Colouring Book: Beauty of Horror - Head in a Jar

I started this page while waiting at a Starbucks for Mike to pick me up from the tyre store. We went *way* too long without new tyres and I'm terrible in those tyre places cos of the chemical smells. I picked this book because I start Halloween colouring in September and because I really wanted to try out Inktense pencils in it. I usually do so well with them so I figured it'd be fun to try zombie skin.

Course the first thing I did was mess up the jar, the green wouldn't be that far up, so I had to consider for a while. I know how well Inktense travels so I brought this project with me to my CF doctors and it's a 4 hour trip there so... yeah I got a lot done on the project by the end of the day.

Once I got it home I had decided that the background was going to be Distress Oxide purple and then I'd go over the pattern with my Tombow Dual Brush Markers. They're both water based so they play nicely together, and before I did the Tombow I misted the Oxide with some water to get a weathered look. I also used a Tombow marker to make the jar opaque so it looks more like a cross section photo instead of a jar that's see through and has physics bending capable liquid in it.