21 October, 2018

Art Bag #53: EVEN MORE STAMPS!!!

Admittedly, while I've been producing a lot of things, I've not been filming them. This is partly because I make literally no money from any of this and partly because if it's not fun I don't want to do it. I have to be in the mood to film because I have to focus on something and not flit around from this to that to that constantly. That's just my preferred method of creating and it's a nightmare to try and edit. It's also way faster for me to buy things (sometimes a LOT of things) than it is for me to create.

Which is why I wanted to start off the video with this little scene I made from a few of the stamp sets in the haul, so you can see right off the idea. I don't necessarily write down the things I blather as "ideas" during these videos, but perhaps I should, haha. Point is there'll be a lot of these little characters travelling to different locals in  their campers I can tell you that much! I'm working on layering/masking as a possibility, but for now it's just easier for me to create the scene and then fussy cut. I *like* to fussy cut, so even the tiniest of bits is soothing for me to cut and layer on top instead of try to avoid when scene building. That's about all there is to it, honestly. :)

Here's the video showing the new things as well as the previous 3 stamp scenes.

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