20 August, 2018

Colouring Book: Dream of Deities - Palm of Your Hand

I have to say, I adore the Copic Sketch fine nibs they came out with like last year or something? I dunno, I bought about 30 of them, trying to decide which of my markers gets the favour of having them instead of the chisel I never use, but I honestly want to replace every single one. I'd been considering buying a different brand of markers, just for a different nib, and boom Copic fulfills the wish themselves!

So I got this Chinese book from Amazon and I wanted to test out the paper on something I'd like if it worked out, but wouldn't be too fussed about losing. That's where this page came in. There's similar themes in the book, but there's not like a face or anything in this page that I'd been worried about losing if it didn't come out. Thankfully, and not surprisingly, it did so yeah. Crisis averted.

I also threw a bunch of paint at this page, just to see, but also to add in that elegant Asian embroidery type touch to the page. It's nearly impossible to show in the photos so I took a tiny video.

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