12 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Dark Fantasy - Evil Elf King

I'm fully appreciating digi colouring books as my physical collection grows and gets out of hand so instead of buying the Dark Fantasy book by Jade Summer and downloading the free digi copy I just went ahead on got the digi only. Cheaper, haha. This way it's only on my preferred paper too which means I can use just Copics and be so happy with how this guy came out.

I figured he looked like the bad guy, Mannimarco, from the Elder Scrolls series as well as the bad guy from Witcher 3, Eredin, so I combined the two. I wanted a new look for the skin and I'm happy that it came out. A pale, dead-ish blue/purple underpaint as if his skin is see through. Though, since I'm using Copics, I knew it'd look better if I did the plue and purple over the top, because of how they blend. But point is, came out how I wanted, lol. I hope you like it too. I went simple for the rest, but it's relaxing to colour like that sometimes.

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