09 October, 2018

Colouring Book: Mythographic - Harry Potter Owl

Mythographic was insanely popular when it came out and it's not hard to see why, but one thing that gets me is that name. Honestly, it's animals in just a TON of foliage. I'm not all that creative, but I think my title is better. I also decided that since the items in this book surrounding the animals are so random, and don't have any doodle people (like Kerby's books) to give it some cohesion I'm going to just silhouette the items with black Posca and if there's some that happen to pertain to the animal, like the broom and witch hat for this owl, I'll colour just those.

This one was a bit ridiculous for me. I started out colouring the background different, didn't like it, ended up covering it all with a darker blue instead of the gradient I'd made. Then I'd coloured all the foliage a base green, didn't like it, made everything autumn colours. Started out with super pink flower petals, didn't like it, and ended up with maroon petals. I'd have had this done in September if I hadn't changed it up so much. Really nuts, but one thing I love is how well the Copics work with each other and allow for this sort of shenanigans. 

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