24 November, 2018

Colouring Book: Gnomes in the Neighbourhood - Autumn Flowers

I didn't take a first shot of this, but still trying to post more work in progress for the Daily Marker 30 Day challenge. I didn't do a ton of colouring every day cos I'm just not feeling well or inspired actually. I really loved this book when it arrived though and I wanted to get in a page as soon as I could.

I left this page for a few days partly cos of sickness and partly cos I started not liking it, but then I set aside some time and remembered where I was going with it and started to like it once I got more filled in.

Finally I finished the page when I brought it with me to my in-laws' house for Thanksgiving. I finished the Copic work and just did the pencil details at their house as well as a few other work in progress pages I did there. Didn't take me too long and I'm happy with how this came out as a nice page for autumn.

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