12 November, 2018

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Ciri and Geralt's Contract Kills

Since November is another Daily Marker 30 Day colouring challenge I tried to post a bunch of work in progress photos, but I kind of got annoyed with it so I didn't do a TON of them even though I worked on this very oddly, kind of back and forth between a few things as I figured out exactly what I wanted to do with this page.

Blocking in Geralt and Ciri's colours was simple. I just pulled up some screen shots of Ciri, since it was my first time colouring her, and sorted it out how I wanted. Then I had to try to combine the three reference photos I had as ideas for this into one. Doing the shaky, strange tree branches was easier than I thought just because I just did meds and let the pencil go crazy for me, haha.

I thought since they'd killed (what I assume) several beasts for this image that blood moon would be appropriate. Originally the tree was supposed to look like a skull, or I wanted it to, but they were so in front of the moon it didn't translate so it's just a gnarly tree.

All in all, especially for trying something so new, I'm happy with how this came out. I looked up the monsters that they've killed and though it appears to be a Manticore that's not what they look like in Witcher 2 so... I'm taking artistic license with the colouring since the artist took artistic license in drawing it. But really, he's every right to since he works for the game studio, officially, and sometimes I need to let go of my "realism" issues, lol!

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