06 November, 2018

Colouring Book: Mythographic - Mixed Media Deer

I love this book and all the random details, but I have to admit the owl that I did was not my favourite. Not being able to get the look I wanted right off made me frustrated and sad so I picked another page and tried something else. I wanted to know if I could colour a mixed media looking background with Copics and, perhaps, a bit of actual mixed media. I knew that if I used too much actual paint I'd ruin the details so I wanted to focus on as much Copic work as I could.

I ended up marking out the "squares" of green and blue in Copic, filling it in, then taking a stencil and my Tombow Dual Brush markers to do the darker green and blue dots. I didn't want to get any paint or something on my Copic nibs and I knew the tiny nib of the pen would work well for the plastic edges of the stencils. Then I put on some of the new Pentel pastels I got (only $4.44 for 50 colours!) for the white and pink. The rest is Copic and Polychromos, not too different from usual.

I don't usually do close-ups, but this book is so detailed I wanted you to be able to see some of the work I put into this background. All in all I'm happy with it. I got what I was looking to do, and I think the animal still ends up visible and enjoyable as well as the busy background. 

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