29 December, 2018

Colouring Book: The Magical Christmas - Stockings

This is one of the pages I didn't think I'd do in one lump just because it took so much time, but I did enjoy working on it, so that's good.

It would have gone faster if I didn't start out the background, dislike it, and have to start over. Plus it's just really SOOO detailed. I ended up doing most of the toys in just glitter gel pen so they'd look fancier.

I started out the background in red and did the silver smoke/swirl stuff but I hated how that looked so I had to gesso it first because the red would run, and then cover it over with the blue I liked better.

I prefer non-traditional colours so I worked from a picture I found of teal, gold, silver, and green ornaments. I don't like gold so I changed that to yellow and went with a few different greens and blues for a bright, fun kind of holiday scene.

I'm pretty happy that I made good progress since there was SO much to work on in such a short time.

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