08 December, 2018

Colouring Book: Mythic Beings - Ancient Beauty

The moment I go this book I had to work in it because it's got some great images, but also pretty nice paper too. It's not holiday related, but that's okay. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, considering the random things I tried on it. I wasn't sure how I wanted the foreground columns/rock so I just kind of winged it with this random paint. It wasn't quite the colour I wanted, but in the end I didn't have much of a choice. I think it came out okay.

I did Inktense for the sky, trying to keep it as smooth as possible with the Tombow blender marker instead of water. There's a layer of Polychromos as well, just to darken areas and keep it even.

I used my favourite Polychromo combination on her skin and kind of modeled her after one of the girls from The Witcher. She had short dark hair like that and at one point put on a red cape so I went with red/black, though I don't usually like red on things. I used the markers on the rocks to get some texture. I'd looked up pictures of Athens at night to see how these kinds of buildings look in more modern times and it turns out they're lit up pretty neat at night.

Once I'd finished the rocks I started work on her dress/gown thing. It was a lot of folds and Polychromo layers, but it was fun to take bit by bit.

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