30 December, 2018

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Gwent Champion

I wanted to make sure that I got in a Witcher picture for December, but I knew it'd be so busy I didn't want to do one of the more complicated images. I'm not aware of any winter holiday in the Witcher universe either so I figured Geralt's image here, after winning the Gwent championship (which I cheated on in-game, I don't play Gwent), would do for a celebration/happy holiday kind of feeling. I looked at the artists' original rendering and he didn't focus so much on the coins and the cards didn't exist in it so I really just focused on Geralt's portrait and his details. Of course, since that's one of the things I like best about this book, the MALENESS of Geralt (lol), I really enjoyed this page. No pretty girls, just our big, strong Witcher. All rendered in Copics and Polychromos as usual since it's his normal base Witcher armour.

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