21 January, 2019

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Gwent Championship

The original artist did this illustration for a Gwent championship advert or the Gwent standalone game (I don't actually read the language it's in), but his style is more graphic and simplistic. I love it, of course, as I've coloured a lot of his illustrations in the book, but wanted to add more detail to it. The "proper" colours of the characters, details like Ciri's freckles, Yen's runes on her gloves and the stitching on her outfit, stuff like that. The most ironic thing about this page though is the gold gel pen I use for the Gwent cards actually ran out because I've needed to colour so many so far. It's amazing because I really dislike gold, and yet it's the first gel pen to run out. I tried a new kind of background for this, I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it, but with the graphic nature of the image in general I didn't want to go for realistic for the background as well. I think the contract between the characters looking as accurate as I could make them and the fantasy background adds to the picture overall.

19 January, 2019

Colouring Book: Gnomes in the Neighbourhood - Well-Dressed Snow Ladies

It's been snowing a lot here in SoCal, as much as it can during a still horrible drought, and so I tried to get in the mood. I find that even though I saved all these winter photos, and I really do love the snow, I can't really feel it this year. It's a bit of a bummer, so I had a hard time on this page just actually getting it done, but I do like how it came out. Once I added the glitter pens I think it helped with their outfits. I'm not much of a pattern person so trying to coordinate them and come up with colours kind of bored me for a while there. I like that it ended up more understated, even with all the shine. I got rid of my stickles, so there's not a TON of glitter, but I like the sparkle pens.

13 January, 2019

Mixed Media: Back in the Saddle?

I'm trying to get back into more art besides colouring (which isn't a bad thing to focus on!) and to make more content for my channel. I took a year off to just do whatever I wanted and that was fine, but I ended up with a YouTube that looks like I only buy things. I DON'T only buy things, I swear. So I want to do more of the process videos and whatnot again.

I started filming but my camera took a poop and I dunno what it got and what it didn't so I figured I'd just complete this one on my own and I have another for a video. I'm using one of my gelli printed pages, because a nice base to work on is fun, and just kinda tried to get back into the feeling of it all again. I don't really like every page that I make in this gelli print journal, but it's about getting into things again.

12 January, 2019

Colouring Book: Colouring For A Lazy Afternoon - Deep Sea Fishing

I love finding "smaller" artists and unique artists that just happen to have colouring books and Travis J Hanson is one of those that is a comic artist that just happens to have sold his line art as a colouring book. My only issue is that he's made it double sided and therefore I scanned in the image and printed it on Copic paper so I could give the image its due and not take 900 years to do it in just pencil.

I also used one of the sections of the Sandy Allnock underwater class for this, to do the bubbles. I pretty much knew the ins and outs of it (apparently that's a skill I have to look at something, pick it apart, and mimic it), but she had a sale on her classes during black friday and I picked up the mini classes. I'm really, really not great with classes because of the handholding and I do learn in such a "see it, do it" kind of way, but if you do need any help at all with your copic colouring they a great classes to check out. So yeah, I watched the bubble class for the specific designs on those and I'm mostly happy with how it helped me like the whale because I did like 3 underpaints on him and he just kept fading into the water.

07 January, 2019

Colouring Book: Forest Girl 2 - Winter in the Burnt Forest

California's been in a drought for over 10 years now and our fires are pretty bad. Every season we're smoked out, neighborhoods are burned, and in state of emergencies. The devastation is something you don't forget when you see it in real life and the image of the Forest Girl placing her hand on the hollow tree, even with the example of a brighter, happier image on the left side of the page, really made me think of that experience. Snow is one of those things that can magically make things better. I live in the San Bernardino National Forest and I can tell you that it's 100% nicer here, calmer, prettier, just a better place to be all around, when there's snow. 

So I took those two thoughts of fire devastation and snow improving everything and combined them. The girl, wrapped up in warm clothes, placing her hand on that scarred, burned tree as the entire scene is covered in ghostly white was really what I was going for here. I used my Albrecht Durer and Museum pencils to get that colour on there and then for the girl I just used the plain Pablos as they work lovely on watercolour paper with all its texture.

06 January, 2019

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Geralt vs the Ice Giant

With it being officially winter here in the SoCal mountains I like to work on snowy pictures and I thought that the Ice Giant would be perfect for my (at least) monthly page from this book. My paint got pretty gross, trying to do the snow, but I think it worked okay in the end. I like the little bits of snow and ice the giant has on him in the game and I think I mimicked that okay with the Posca pen. I wanted to be more arty with it since the game can get away with being random a lot easier than I can in an image. I also had a fun time doing the hanging icicles. It was one of the things I noticed immediately from the screenshot, the moon lighting up the curves of the icicle curtain in the open cave mouth, so I had to give it a shot. It's not photorealistic, but I do like how it came out and that's all I can ask for.

This, among others from this scene/fight, is what I was working from. I wanted to make it a bit lighter, so it was more during twilight, but also some shots didn't have the glow from the little fire in the room so I cut that out as well. I wanted to show the interesting blueness of the giant himself instead of covering it with glow.

04 January, 2019

2018's Finished Colouring Pages

This photo is huge, so click on it, but this is every "coloured this month" image all in one! I knew it'd look amazing together. I had one month in there with 2 photos instead of one (the app doesn't allow 11 photos in one image) so I added the little title as well. I completed 71 pages in the year which is 30 more than 2017 so that's good, I think. If you'd like to see them all in more detail, go ahead and page through this year's blog posts or check out the video of the completed images and a bit of my babble. 

01 January, 2019

December 2018 Coloured Pages

After a month of me dicking around at the beginning and an actual holiday of me unable to focus on ANYTHING I'm surprised with how much I actually got done in December. Most of it was finished right down to the wire, but all that counts is that they were finished!