19 January, 2019

Colouring Book: Gnomes in the Neighbourhood - Well-Dressed Snow Ladies

It's been snowing a lot here in SoCal, as much as it can during a still horrible drought, and so I tried to get in the mood. I find that even though I saved all these winter photos, and I really do love the snow, I can't really feel it this year. It's a bit of a bummer, so I had a hard time on this page just actually getting it done, but I do like how it came out. Once I added the glitter pens I think it helped with their outfits. I'm not much of a pattern person so trying to coordinate them and come up with colours kind of bored me for a while there. I like that it ended up more understated, even with all the shine. I got rid of my stickles, so there's not a TON of glitter, but I like the sparkle pens.

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