21 January, 2019

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Gwent Championship

The original artist did this illustration for a Gwent championship advert or the Gwent standalone game (I don't actually read the language it's in), but his style is more graphic and simplistic. I love it, of course, as I've coloured a lot of his illustrations in the book, but wanted to add more detail to it. The "proper" colours of the characters, details like Ciri's freckles, Yen's runes on her gloves and the stitching on her outfit, stuff like that. The most ironic thing about this page though is the gold gel pen I use for the Gwent cards actually ran out because I've needed to colour so many so far. It's amazing because I really dislike gold, and yet it's the first gel pen to run out. I tried a new kind of background for this, I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it, but with the graphic nature of the image in general I didn't want to go for realistic for the background as well. I think the contract between the characters looking as accurate as I could make them and the fantasy background adds to the picture overall.

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