07 January, 2019

Colouring Book: Forest Girl 2 - Winter in the Burnt Forest

California's been in a drought for over 10 years now and our fires are pretty bad. Every season we're smoked out, neighborhoods are burned, and in state of emergencies. The devastation is something you don't forget when you see it in real life and the image of the Forest Girl placing her hand on the hollow tree, even with the example of a brighter, happier image on the left side of the page, really made me think of that experience. Snow is one of those things that can magically make things better. I live in the San Bernardino National Forest and I can tell you that it's 100% nicer here, calmer, prettier, just a better place to be all around, when there's snow. 

So I took those two thoughts of fire devastation and snow improving everything and combined them. The girl, wrapped up in warm clothes, placing her hand on that scarred, burned tree as the entire scene is covered in ghostly white was really what I was going for here. I used my Albrecht Durer and Museum pencils to get that colour on there and then for the girl I just used the plain Pablos as they work lovely on watercolour paper with all its texture.

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