13 January, 2019

Mixed Media: Back in the Saddle?

I'm trying to get back into more art besides colouring (which isn't a bad thing to focus on!) and to make more content for my channel. I took a year off to just do whatever I wanted and that was fine, but I ended up with a YouTube that looks like I only buy things. I DON'T only buy things, I swear. So I want to do more of the process videos and whatnot again.

I started filming but my camera took a poop and I dunno what it got and what it didn't so I figured I'd just complete this one on my own and I have another for a video. I'm using one of my gelli printed pages, because a nice base to work on is fun, and just kinda tried to get back into the feeling of it all again. I don't really like every page that I make in this gelli print journal, but it's about getting into things again.

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