24 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Mouse Guard - Magic Cave

This was a really fun stream. After my videos showing all my colouring books and finished pages (as of January 2020) I had a few requests for some attention to be paid to this or that book. Mouse Guard was one of those that I hadn't coloured in yet either. 

I tend to not really plan much before a stream so I wasn't sure if I wanted a green glow with purple background or purple glow with green background, but I try not to waffle too much and just make a decision. I do like how it's come out. I decided that black stars didn't make sense, and this might not actually be at night, so we went with more like glowy dust motes that sparkle in the purple background. 

I used Tombow Dual Brush markers for most of the picture, but the purple background I used Inktense just because of the way I felt the paper was taking the wet of the brush markers. I used Pablos for the detail work because I use Polychromos so much and I wanted to mix it up, haha. I hope you like this page as much as I liked creating it.

You can see the replay of the livestream HERE on my Twitch channel!

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