05 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Nice Little Town Christmas 2 - Owl House

In November, on my Discord, I held a vote of 10 winter colouring pages for my community to vote on what they'd like to see me colour on stream. This was the last of those 4 images that I chose. One show was preempted due to a gift I wanted to colour with the gifter. 

I don't plan a whole lot ahead of time and just kind of went with whatever colours I felt like and got quite a lot done during the livestream.

Since I'd enjoyed the project so much, and the addition of the little Clearly Besotted owls, this project was very quick to finish off after the show was over. I'm not a fan of the mice in the artist's work, but I felt the owls fit so great with the image and the little house it just was a joy to work on. I'm not as happy with the snow as I've been on other projects during this winter season, I think it came out okay for a cartoon-y image.

I used glitter gel pens for the garlands and the random decorations on the house and then topped it all off with a rather heavy snow flurry considering I didn't put any clouds in the sky, haha. 

I really enjoyed this picture and if you'd like to watch the replay you can find the 
Twitch Stream where we colour this on my Twitch channel: AerynK. I think it's really fun to colour these images the community votes for because while I do pick the mix, and they're all images I *would* colour, everyone always picks images I'd not expect them to want to see. It makes it a collaborative project.

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