19 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Thomas Kinkade and Disney Alphabet - Lady and the Tramp

I'm kind of conflicted about this one. First off, my idea of making the L a sort of blue metallic looking thing didn't work, so I got kinda stuck because I'd already coloured so much of it and wasn't going to toss the whole thing. If something doesn't work I put it aside or I'll work through the issue, and so what I did was take my Thomas Kinkade Disney colouring book and scan the Lady and the Tramp page. I printed it on Copic paper and I used an X-acto knife to cut out the L that had been on the page and backed it with the new print. This way a different scene shown through the blank L and added a little extra to the page. Will I do this for every page in the Alphabet book? I dunno, but I do like the effect of it.

I'm conflicted on this page because it took so much effort to get the page constructed the way that I wanted that when it came to the details I found myself getting kind of tired of the page sooner than I would have liked. I can see many places that could be touched up, improved, or just plain need more colour. I decided to let it go at this stage, not to fuss or stress myself out, and I think that was the best thing. I can fuss FOREVER and if I'm having fun that's fine, but if I'm not it's honestly better to just call it done before I end up hating the page.

In the end, if nothing else I can look back on this page after the year and see if I improve on the Disney colouring and composition. But the fun thing is that I got a page in 2 books finished with just one image. It's not the full image, but it still counts!

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