30 January, 2020

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Priscilla's Song

It feels so good to get another Witcher picture finished and this is my 20th page finished in the book. There's 45 images, if I remember correctly, so nearly halfway through. I try to finish a page a month, sometimes I do more, which works out because December I decided to focus more on winter themed images. 

For this image I decided to focus on jewel tones. Dandelion and Priscilla are very colourful in general, and I figured that the stage they're on could be colourful and rich as well. Since most of the pages really bring out brown/black/green this was a nice change to really make everything vibrant. I tried to keep all the other characters aside from Dandelion and Priscilla simply coloured and shaded to more fade them into the background and make the main characters more the focus. Dandelion's outfit is very detailed and many of the details weren't actually in the line art so I just approximate them. He and Priscilla have many gold details too and I don't like gold so I wasn't really enthused about adding them. The comic style of the line art kinda allows me to make the more stylistic choice to only include what I want to.

For this, as with the rest of the book I used Copic markers and Polychromos pencils.

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